Why Superyachts Are The Perfect Family Holiday

When it comes to the ingredients of the best family holidays, there’s no question that superyachts beat all other vacation options, hands-down. Superyachts are the perfect way for a family to come back together and reconnect during a holiday of sun and sea, and laughter. Here are ten reasons why a yacht charter is the ultimate family vacation.

By Alma Laganara • 09 October 2023

10 Reasons Yacht Charters are the Best Family Holiday

  1. This is true quality time. A yacht charter isn’t like the holiday where you see your child for twenty minutes at breakfast before they take off to the closest mall or beach. This is a holiday you spend together, creating memories. Luxury family picnics on deserted beaches and sandbars, jumping off the boat together into a moonlit sea, and watching movies on the projector screen under the stars. 
  2. Being by the ocean has been proven to lift moods. Life for today’s children is complex, perhaps more so than ever before, and having a week of sea and sunshine with people that love them — far away from their peers — might be just the circuit breaker they need to get perspective on all the worrying things in their lives they’re probably not telling you about. (And who knows, they might even start talking about it.) 
  3. There are none of the distractions of everyday life. There’s nothing quite standing on the aft deck, watching land drop out of sight, the yacht’s flag flapping wildly over the frothing wake. With every passing minute, the worries and errands of everyday life —the school drop-offs, the fuss of lost sporting uniforms and endless school lunches, the constant juggle of family life — just fall away, as do all the worries of work, conflicts, and commitments. As you stand there, breathing in the salt spray and feeling the breeze in your hair, you close your eyes and just breathe. When you’re relaxed, family time just feels easier. 
  4. It’s a private place to reconnect. Let’s admit it: if your child is over a certain age, they’ll probably be slightly embarrassed to be seen with you in public. But yachts are anything but public. When you’re at sea, on your floating private island, your child doesn’t have to worry about what the world thinks. They get to just enjoy themselves and enjoy hanging out with you. You find a little bit of that wall they’ve put up between you starts to crumble the further away you get from land. Remember, no one is watching them, so something they might have thought was massively uncool on land (i.e., cuddling up on the sky lounge sofa for a family movie) somehow becomes ok. Better than ok. Bring on the popcorn and a funny film… and you might even find they lean into your shoulder on the couch in a way they haven’t done for years.
  5. The boat’s chef caters to all types of diets and tastes. For families with complex dietary needs or allergies, a superyacht holiday is a rare vacation where parents can relax. The yacht’s private chef is experienced in special diets and can ensure the galley is an allergen-free zone. If it’s not a matter of allergies but different tastes or aversions, the chef will create a range of menu options and stock the yacht with the kids’ favourite foods before you arrive. On a yachting holiday, you don’t have to worry about whether the resort’s restaurant can cater to your family’s diet or have to call ahead about allergens, cross-contamination, or vegan options. You don’t have to worry about anything. 
  6. Everyone can do their own thing. There’s no pressure on a yacht for everyone to do the same activities, which can take the stress off the family dynamic when people have different interests. The captain will come to you at breakfast time and offer some activity options for the day, and the group might split into watersports, going ashore shopping, or just chilling out on the yacht swimming or reading. Because of this, a yachting holiday is ideal for different generations. But when you’ve enjoyed your activity to the fullest, the yacht brings everyone back together for meals, everyone chatting with excitement about the things they’ve seen and done — the manta ray they saw diving, the jet ski race to a nearby island, the dolphins they saw off the bow. Every mealtime is a chance to reconnect.
  7. It’s great for bringing the generations together in a relaxed atmosphere. So many grandparents say they don’t see as much of their grandkids as they’d like. Life is busy for parents, and older kids rarely like sitting cooped up at their grandparents’ house long enough to keep those connections strong. A multi-generation yacht charter is that opportunity to spend real time together in a place everyone wants to be — eating meals together, going to new places together, and for the grandparents, an opportunity to sit in a deckchair, watching their grandkids play in the water. These are golden moments.
  8. The kids actually want to go. No kid will resist going on a superyacht holiday — even the grumpy teenager. When the children want to go on holiday with you, the battle for reconnection is already half-won. 
  9. You are away, but the kids are still connected. Yachts now tend to have good WIFI connections, so going to sea isn’t the tech detox it used to be. But that also means you won’t have to drag your teenager kicking and screaming onto the boat because their phone won’t connect. Having said that, the fun of a yacht charter breaks the stranglehold that screens have on their lives and refocuses their eyes on distant horizons.
  10. It’s an active holiday. Few kids can resist the call of water toys and jumping off the yacht from the bow. Whether taking the tender in to explore a tropical beach, ziplining through the jungle or paddleboarding out to a distant island, yacht charters get kids active and awaken their spirit of adventure.


For families to stay together, they need to play together. A superyacht is the perfect vehicle and backdrop for just that. For reconnection. For memories. For laughter and shared jokes. For fantastic food and views that make your heart sing. And for adventure, reawakened.

So, now that we’ve established why superyacht holidays are the best at getting the band back together, you should read our guide on choosing the ideal family charter yacht for your family group.