How To Choose The Perfect Family Charter Yacht For Your Family

It can be all too easy to fall headlong for a charter yacht based on its looks or maybe that special feature like a massage room or hammam. You can already see yourself relaxing in the Jacuzzi, champagne in hand. So you book the charter without hesitating.

By Kyran Worrell • 01 May 2023

Unfortunately, that dream doesn’t always turn out the way you think. As charter brokers, we’ve seen clients who rushed into their yacht choice end up less happy because they didn’t choose the right yacht for their family. They still have a great time. It’s a superyacht, after all. But it probably could have been a little better.

Perhaps their ‘dream’ yacht had an intense draft, which wasn’t great for the shallow water in the Bahamas. Or maybe the teenagers fought all week because the yacht layout meant they had to share a cabin. Or perhaps the parents couldn’t fully relax because that glamorous yacht interior had so many breakables within their toddler’s reach! What is one family’s ideal yacht isn’t quite right for another.

When you’re chartering a superyacht, perfection really is possible. But there’s actually quite a lot that goes into choosing the right charter yacht for your family.

The right charter broker can guide you towards that perfect choice. Believe us, finding the right charter yacht is part of the fun — and it guarantees holiday happiness all around. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right charter yacht to make your family memories. 

The Technical Specifications of the Boat
Your broker will really come into their own in this part of the selection process, narrowing down yachts with the correct cruising speed and stability for your ideal family cruising experience. Yacht length and draft are also factors that come into play when getting berths in local marinas or shallow cruising areas.

WIFI Connectivity and Onboard Entertainment
Almost all yachts now have decent WIFI, while some offer excellent WIFI. WIFI also fluctuates across different cruising areas, so please ask us what coverage is like onboard. Ask to see the yacht’s list of movies, TV shows, and games beforehand, and download/purchase anything else the kids might want before arrival, or request that the yacht purchase them for you. Streaming is possible on most yachts but can be slow, depending on where you’re cruising.

Prioritise Cabin Layout for Happy Families
If you want your family to all get along, find a yacht where everyone will be happy with their cabin. Some yachts feature non-traditional layouts to suit different charterer groups, such as double masters to appeal to shared family charters or convertible cabin layouts to turn doubles into twins or vice versa.

Water Toys
Most families spend a lot of their charter on water toys. While almost all yachts carry jet skis, kayaks and some form of towable inflatable, there’s a dazzling range of extra water toys, from jetpacks to electric surfboards.

Yachts with waterslides are generally a huge hit with kids of all ages, and inflatable playgrounds. As a parent, there’s nothing better than hearing your kid squealing with happiness as they barrel down the waterslide into the sea or get towed behind the tender in a donut, flipping into the sea in a chaos of spray and laughter. You never know; it might even make the teenagers smile!

If Possible, a Jacuzzi
If the budget extends to it, we suggest chartering a yacht with a Jacuzzi in case of choppiness or jellyfish, making the sea unpleasant for swimming. It’s always nice to have a way to cool off in the water. On the topic of jellyfish, some yachts have a swimming pool that extends off the back of the boat so guests can still enjoy the sea.

A Skill To Learn
Memories are made when you try something for the first time or learn a new skill. As such, consider what your children could learn on this charter. Could they learn to sail? Does the yacht have specialist water sports instructors on board? Is the chef happy to run a quick cooking lesson one day?

An Alfresco Movie Screen
This one’s far from essential, but stretching out on the deck of a superyacht to watch a movie under the stars is definitely a family memory in the making. Some larger yachts also have plush movie cinemas on board, soft sofas and big screens in the sky lounge. Family movie nights have never been so good.

Crew Who Love Children
All yacht crew will make sure your children have a good time. This is their job, and they are famously good at it. Whether taking children out jet skiing or running a treasure hunt across the yacht, crew will work hard to ensure your children are happy. Having said that, some crews are particularly well-known for their family-friendly charters. Please ask us whom we recommend that goes above and beyond to make kids smile.

Consider the Yacht’s Suitability for All Ages and Abilities
For most adults, all yachts are suitable, but it’s important to consider everyone in your group, mainly if it’s a multigenerational charter. If you have elderly guests or guests with physical impairments in your group, consider chartering a yacht with a lift or a yacht with a cabin on the main or upper deck to limit stair climbing. Also, consider the decor: is it suitable for your three-year-old to run around and play, or will you be on tenterhooks that they’ll damage something?

Expertise is everything in a superyacht charter. Our charter brokers know our fleet and crews inside out, and we have decades of experience organising incredible family superyacht charters worldwide. So if you’ve been browsing online and have fallen for a charter yacht’s gorgeous looks, please give us a call first to make the most of our expertise!