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Understanding MLC

As from the 20th of August 2013 the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 is now in effect. Written to protect seafarers' rights, the MLC 2006 outlines a variety of seafarers' protections in terms of work and living conditions, terms of employment, health care, social security, and related matters.
This is not a document only for captains & heads of department; it is every seafarer's duty to have an understanding of the convention. We advise all crew to educate themselves on this matter and can help should anyone have questions surrounding the MLC 2006.

Every commercial vessel should now have a paper copy of this onboard.

As a recruitment agency, we have been MLC compliant since June 2013 and we now require compliance certificates from all yachts that have already gone through this process. Yachts have 12 months from the 20th to complete the certification process. The convention does officially apply to all Commercial Vessels, and under MLC 2006, yachts under 500gt are not required to be certified (See Reg. 5.1.3) but are however required to demonstrate compliance with national employment laws (Flag State).

Under certain flag states, it is required that all commercial vessels complete the DMLC Pt.1 & Pt.2 to avoid long Port State Controls - this could be problematic on charter and fines are up to 20,000.

The actual MLC certificate & DMLC Pt.1 & Pt.2 are prima-facie evidence that the vessel is in compliance.

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