Superyacht Foodie

Superyacht Foodie are coming onboard for the 2023 Superyacht Chef Competition.

Tell us about your services for yachting and your background.

My name is Titta Uoti-Vaisanen and I am an ex yacht chef. When I came ashore, I founded TUVYC, a market entry consultancy company that helps companies from outside of yachting enter our wonderful superyacht industry.

One of our initiatives is the Superyacht Foodie marketing platform. 

Superyacht Foodie sources rare, sustainable and innovative food and drinks directly from producers worldwide and provides a matchmaking service that connects superyacht chefs, chief stews and provisioning companies with the producers of the exquisitely unique, next-generation food and drinks we represent.

We’re excited to have you join us at the superyacht chef competition this year. What will you be offering to our guests and crew?

We are thrilled to be providing the Superyacht Foodie Tasting Bar this year. 

We will be sharing delicious Oath Gin from the gorgeous Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas, seriously smooth After Rum made with aloe vera and honey, and the delightful Punchy soft drinks for adults and Setz hard seltzers, which also happen to make fantastic mixers and cleanse the palette, the worlds purest water INLAND ICE straight from Greenlands untouched glaciers.

What’s next for Superyacht Foodie?

The next event for our food products will be the fabulous YACHTNEEDS crew event at Port Vauban on the 21st of April. After that, we will launch the Superyacht Foodie Experience, a complete sensory Michelin Star pop-up restaurant experience organised onboard superyachts worldwide.

How can chefs make the most of your services?

Our Instagram page is a great place to get inspiration, and you can also check out our brand page.

As a marketing platform, we do not sell the fine foods and drinks directly; we source the best ingredients, make sure they taste as good as they sound and then connect the yacht chefs, chief stewardesses and provisioning agents with the producers.

The chefs need to ask their usual provisioning agents for the products, and they will be readily available via our logistics centre in Antibes.

What is your focus at Superyacht Foodie?

Superyacht Foodie represents exquisitely unique, sustainable food and drinks, many vegan or gluten-free. We look for true innovation when sourcing new products and make sure we are always up to date with the latest trends onboard. 

We have a great network of superyacht chefs, provisioners and crew who we talk with regularly and who help us understand their work’s bottlenecks. As a result, we’ve recently sourced some new versatile vegan proteins, allergy-restrictive and gluten-free products and some great quick bites for people on the go. 

The luxury, low-sugar soft drinks are proving very popular, as well as the low-fat reindeer meats, rare biodynamic honey from Finland, and exclusive spirits and alcohol complimentary wines

Our logistics centre in Antibes also means the operational side of orders is easy and creates one less headache for those onboard.