Success stories - green stew

Meet Jana Valesova, a green stewardess. Status: EMPLOYED!

How did Jana secure her first contract?

Jana checked-in to her crew profile, filled in all the required fields, and a ONE Account captain did a search on our database and her CV was on the list!
Read Jana’s story…

When did you arrive in Palma?

I arrived in to Palma on May 10th, 2022. Just two weeks before I got a job on a yacht.

What networking and job search did you undertake?
I created an account/profile on multiple yacht crew recruitment platforms online. I also answered some posts on Facebook advertising jobs in yacht groups, but the best feeling I got was after my in-person appointment in Bluewater’s Palma office with Natalie.
I felt more confident and driven to continue the search for my dream job.

Who was your interview with when you landed your first contract work onboard?
My first interview was with the captain. He sent me an email, we followed up with a phone call, and later set up an in-person interview. It was great because I got to see the yacht as well as the crew.
The captain introduced me to the chief stewardess who took me around the yacht. I found that very helpful as it is important to match the personalities with other crew members.

What sort of questions did they ask you?
During the interview, we went over my yacht experience and shore-based work experience, as well as my visions for my career and my hobbies. 
The captain told me the most important things about the job as a 2nd stewardess and the plan for the season. 
He also mentioned a lot about the owners and the guests.
The chief stewardess asked me about my previous experience, how do I like working in multi-national environments, how do I handle busy schedules and also how do I deal with stress.

Any advice to help other green crew who are looking?
Keep looking, work on your resume, be confident and curious. 

In addition to your STCW, what other qualifications or transferable skills do you have which helped you secure your job onboard?
I have a big hospitality background from working in coffee shops and restaurants. My passion is watersports. I got certified as a paddleboarding and pilates instructor. I spent 2 years working on smaller yachts day working. 

Is your profile appearing in the captain’s searches?

Well done Jana, your positive attitude and enthusiasm really won everyone over, we know you’ll go on to have a successful yachting career and look forward to following your progress. 

Don’t forget to pop in and see us when you can, and keep us updated! Congratulations!


Looking for work? 

Make sure your profile is up to date, that you’re ‘checked-in’ and ticked as AVAILABLE, then keep checking-in once a week.

Once you’ve done the above, visit the job board to directly apply for roles, or contact your nearest recruitment specialist to arrange an interview, on zoom or in person, our offices are open Monday to Friday and we’re welcoming crew.


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PALMA: Email Cissi and Natalie