Planning your Bahamas Yacht Charter

What’s the Best Time to Go to the Bahamas?

By Rebecca Cutter • 17 October 2022
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The Bahamas are Cruising Perfection

Sugar white sands and sunlit seas. Palm trees and coral reefs. Shipwrecks. Rum cocktails in barefoot bars. Endless sandbars for picnics under the sun and stars. Swimming pigs. Fishing. Diving. Celebrity chef restaurants and fine boutiques. Fish frys and reggae.

There’s no question about it: the Bahamas are cruising perfection. The question is, what’s the best time to go on a Bahamas yacht charter?

That depends on what type of experience you seek. The high season for Bahamas yacht charters is during the winter months of December to April when you can expect clear skies and maximum temperatures between the high 70’s and 80’s (25-30℃), and cooler water temperatures of around 79℉ (25℃).

You can absolutely charter a yacht in the Bahamas year-round, and there are great deals on Bahamas charter yachts for those wanting to cruise in the low season of late spring and summer when daytime temperatures rarely fall below 86℉ (30℃) and the water temperature hovers around a balmy 82℉ (28℃).

The Peak Season for Chartering a Superyacht in the Bahamas

For those cruising in the low season, you will revel in quieter anchorages and dive sites, but do be aware that some venues such as hotels or restaurants may be closed. Luckily, you have a yacht for all your dining needs, and the captain will create an itinerary where you will want for absolutely nothing, no matter what time of year you cruise. For keen divers, the conditions in the Bahamas are much the same year-round, although the high season is more favourable for shark sightings.

The ‘rainy’ season begins in May, but the Bahamas has 340 days of sunshine per year, so most rain events are nothing more than a quick tropical downpour. (A mere excuse for a rum cocktail in the sky lounge or an afternoon snooze in your cabin.) It is worth noting that in the hot season you will experience a lot more overcast days. The Bahamas hurricane season officially begins June 30th with increased risk after late August, but hurricanes are rare in the Bahamas and storms are generally announced well in advance.

Overall, the Bahamas have a clear peak season for yacht charters, but there are attractions at all times of year in this spectacular yachting playground. It’s also important to choose the right yacht for the Bahamas as cruising conditions are different to the Caribbean, so please contact us to discuss the right charter yacht for your luxury Bahamian vacation!