Bahamas Bahamian beauty

Discover a rainbow of blues on an 8-day cruise exploring the Bahamas. Sailing in the Bahamas inspires serenity and blissfulness, as you admire crystal – clear waters, pristine beaches and untouched natural beauty.


1. Nassau - A Pirate’s Playground
With a rich history filled with Pirates, treasures and adventures, Nassau has become a high-energy city that boasts colorful markets, exquisite seafood and great night time entertainment. Adjacent to Nassau, Paradise Island is the place to be for suave clubs, trendy coffee shops, fancy restaurants and luxurious shopping. Bring out the kid in you at the famous Atlantis Hotel where one can enjoy waterslides, a state-of-the-art casino and a walk-through aquarium.

Expert Tip: Spend the day shopping on Bay Street and fill up your on-treasure chest with heaps of jewelry, perfumes and other duty free goods.

2 Chub Cay - A Fisherman’s Delight
Located at the southern end of Berry islands and ideally situated in an area known as “The Pocket”, Club Cay is celebrated for its proximity to the “Tongue of the Ocean”, a deep oceanic trench which abounds with large game-fish such as marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Grouper, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo. With not a soul around, drop your line for a chance to catch your very own Bahamian trophy.
Finish the morning off with a visit to Eel garden as you encounter hundreds of garden eels, southern stingrays and parrot fish.
Expert Tip: Start your day off by swimming through the mesmerizing tunnels and large coral ways of The Canyons.

3. Bonds Cay - A Turquoise Paradise
Sail off to Bonds Cay for an afternoon rest on one of its pristine beaches, soak up the sun or power off in a jet ski to discover the neighboring beauty. Remote undiscovered and beautiful, The Berry Islands are as secluded as it gets.

4. Green Cay - A Celebrated Retreat
After an overnight sail to the Exumas, wake up in complete serenity as you indulge with your morning croissant and freshly baked delicacies. With 365 cays, most uninhibited, some owned by celebrities – The Exumas are surrounded by some of the prettiest waters in the world.

Expert Tip: For a night-time pleasure feast, enjoy a beach BBQ onboard your superyacht with oh-so-sweet cocktails.

5. Elbow cay - A Bahamian Village
Elbow cay is one of the Abacos islands of the Bahamas. Upon arrival, notice the 120 ft/ (36m) candy-striped lighthouse signaling the entrance of Hopetown, a small 18th century picturesque pastel-colored village built around a protected harbor. Take a leisurely stroll through its charming streets filled with small stores offering local crafts and jewelry.

Expert Tip: take a chance and order the famous Conch salad from your onboard chef

6. Shroud Cay - A Tidal Maze of Beauty
Wake up next to Shroud cay, with the sound of birds chirping. This island is a draw dropping archipelago of cays and rocks surrounded by a shallow tidal area that acts as a unique nursery or conch, crawfish, sea turtles and a variety of fish.
Expert tips: Take a kayak or jet-ski and make your way along the mazes of creeks that riddle the island and stumble upon the local pure white beaches.

7. Hawksbill Cay - A Loyalist’s Escape
Make headway nearby Hawksbill Cay, an un-habited island famed for its numerous soft sand beaches, amazing harbors and bays. Explore the historical ruins of a loyalist colonization.

8. Allan’s Cay - An Iguana’s Playing Field
Make your way and sail to Allan’s cay, just off the Exuma’s northern most tip. Along this four-hour cruise, you will be taken through exceptionally shallow waters, keep your eyes out for dolphins, sharks and picture -perfect, footprint- less sandbars.

Expert Tip: Bring along some grapes, the favorite treat of the Iguanas, and watch them feed directly from your hand.

Thank you to Motor yacht STARFIRE for their exceptional itineraries of the Bahamas.

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