Masters 3000 - I Passed!

Lisa Thatcher, one of our training experts, spoke to Arthur Cazé, who started his YMO with us 10-years ago and got in touch to share his story and feedback on the Master 3000 exam.

By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 15 September 2022

A personal note...

Dear Bluewater, 

I write this email  to tell you that I have successfully passed my Masters 3000 oral today.

I remember 10 years ago when I came in your office for my yacht master offshore, at this time I was not confident with my English, but everyone helped me and pushed me...

With a lot a determination and discipline, and with the help of the Bluewater instructors and Bluewater staff, I am now very proud to hold an MCA Masters 3000 qualification.

I feel very lucky as a French sailor, to have successfully passed all my qualifications with the English route.

A great thanks to all at Bluewater Antibes, the teachers, office staff and the Biot support team.

Much love.

Arthur Cazé

My advice to those taking their OOW and Masters courses...

How did I get into yachting?

Living in Antibes as a teenager, I have been always attracted to yachting and sailing. 

After school, where I graduate a ’baccalaureate’ in Marine Engineering, I started working as an engineer at a shore based company in the South of France.

Then I realised that wanted a more "adventurous" life!

What was your first role onboard?
I started as a deckhand, and I remained in this position until I graduated to OOW, only then did I take the opportunity to become 1st officer on a big SY.

What was your toughest course on your career pathway?
The toughest "course" for me was the preparation for the master 3000 oral. 
Nothing too difficult, but I was having doubts because I heard some scary feedback about the MCA examiners, when in actual fact it was not so bad. 
I kept questioning myself; What if I fail? Will I ever be able to succeed? 

The OOW Nav and Radar is a tough module too because it’s 3 weeks, so you don’t want to waster 3 weeks of your time. Be prepared!

What advice do you have for those starting out on their deck modules?
I strongly advise students who are starting  their deck modules to study and prepare, and try to enjoy the courses which is key too, some subjects like meteorology or seamanship are very interesting.

For the oral exam, be confident, and practice questions/answers beforehand.

What’s next for you?

After more than a decade in yachting working around the world, I aspire now to find a rotational position or a stable job in the South of France, so I will be able to raise a family and prepare for the life after yachting. 😄

Thanks to Bluewater for everything!


Well done Arthur, we are so happy for you! You have been a delight to work with all these years. 
Your hard work and determination has paid off. We look forward to continuing to support you in your career. Don’t forget to pop in the office for a cup of coffee and update us on your plans.

Need advice and support on any of your training courses? Our training experts in Antibes, Palma and Fort Lauderdale welcome you to our office Monday to Friday. You can also call us or email us, we’re here to help.