Lights, Camera, Sunshine! Superyachting At Cannes Film Festival

A Cannes Film Festival superyacht is the ultimate celebrity hideout, set right in the middle of the dazzling action. Allowing you to dock your yacht right next to the Palais des Festivals, a superyacht charter is an elite choice for anyone wishing to do Cannes in style — whether you’re hoping to host private screenings, epic post-awards parties, or use the yacht as a quiet luxury retreat from the world’s gaze.

By Lizzie Ross • 15 May 2023

When you want to go out, the glitzy city of Cannes is there before you, with its palm-lined boulevard and flagship designer stores — the shingles of Chanel, Dior, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana stretching out along the Croisette. Hear the pop and roar of a Lamborghini flashing past the Palais, the bustle of French pavement cafes, and helicopters buzzing overhead, dropping their guests off on top of yachts and rooftop helipads. Drink and dine in Michelin-starred restaurants overlooking the moonlit Bay of Cannes and relax in beach clubs offering their trademark Riviera glamour —all-white daybeds and beautiful people dancing to famous DJs with their feet on soft sand. The energy of Cannes during the film festival is electric — all fizz and sparkle under a Mediterranean sky.


Superyachts are the Ultimate Cannes Film Festival Solution

At awards time, your superyacht accommodation comes into its own. You get dressed in the luxury of the yacht for the red carpet and take the very short stroll into the Palais — not having to worry about your haute couture dress or suit getting creased in a limousine on the way. Stand in the dazzling flash-storm of the cameras as you pose on the red carpet, casting your eyes at who else is there. Is that George Clooney and Amal? Cara Delevingne in a gothic black gown? Bella Hadid in vintage Versace? And who’s that bright young thing in the canary yellow ball gown? Cannes in May is the centre of the film and fashion universe, and the whole world’s gaze is on the people  —and the yachts — that attend.

And after the awards, where better to throw a Cannes afterparty than on a superyacht? Superyacht parties have become the hottest invite in town during the Festival, with legendary soirees thrown on board under a sky full of strobing lights and the guest list a glittering who’s who of Hollywood. The next day, the town is buzzing with stories  — which yacht had the wildest theme party? Who had the biggest names? Which party carried on until the golden Riviera dawn?

Yet Cannes isn’t just about being seen, the parties, or the stunning frocks. It is about the film business — and big business is being done in the quiet, private rooms on superyachts, where small groups gather to watch pre-screenings, and directors and stars hash out the terms of their next films. Being able to invite an actor or director onto a superyacht for a meeting over lunch is a powerful negotiating tactic, and the closer you are to the Palais, the greater your star shines.


Why Book a Luxury Yacht Charter for Cannes over a Hotel?

Booking a luxury yacht for the Cannes Film Festival rather than a hotel makes sense for many reasons if you’re a celebrity seeking a private space with extraordinary access to both the Palais and Cannes at large. You and your group have an exclusive charter — nothing is shared with other celebrities, press, or curious hangers-on. Unlike luxury hotels with vast, impersonal staff, yachts offer small, discreet crews. There are no long gawking walks through large hotel lobbies, but rather the yacht acts as a private, secure island for you and your group alone. The dining experience on the yacht is superb, with a menu tailored precisely to your tastes by the yacht’s private chef — no sharing the hotel chef with others or dining in busy restaurants where everyone is on show, and every VIP wants the same table. On a yacht, you are the only VIP.

A Cannes Film Festival yacht charter doesn’t just say you’ve arrived. It says you are a star and that your star is blazing. Only a select few are in the position to charter a superyacht for the Cannes Film Festival, and even fewer still get prime spots by the Palais des Festivals on the Jetée Albert Edouard. We suggest booking far in advance to secure the best yachts for Cannes and the best berths.