Bluewater at the Refit Conference, Fort Lauderdale

Bluewater and Triton have partnered to deliver a seminar series hosted at the Refit International Exhibition & Conference

The Refit Conference will be held in Fort Lauderdale on January 10th and 11th
Do you need to understand more about Yacht Refits and what’s involved?
Want to understand more about the services offered by different refit yards? What potential legal and liability issues are there? How to prepare for a refit? Then looking at the more technical design options, and even conflict resolution which can be needed during the complicated refit process.

Bluewater and Triton have partnered to deliver this interesting and invaluable series of seminars during the Refit Conference in Fort Lauderdale, January 10th and 11th.

The seminars have been designed for Yacht Captains, Crew, Managers and Owners.
Each session lasts 1h15 and is an introduction to yacht refits, covering all the basics.

Certificates will be awarded for anyone who attends a minimum of 6 sessions. Click here for the full schedule and to book your place.

Session 1 - Refit Yards
Session 2 - Department Responsibilities Before and During Refits / Basic Refit Preparation
Session 3 - Legal and Liability Issues for Refits
Session 4 - Trends in Design
Session 5 - Communication & Team Work / Refit Management Case Studies
Session 6 - Conflict Resolution / Creating a Refit Planning Guide

We look forward to welcoming you at the show at the Broward County Convention Center.