Are your yacht and crew trained to an elite standard?

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 15 June 2021

Are your fire fighting equipment and systems completely up to your vessel’s requirements?

Is your equipment suitable for the fires that might occur, and do you have the correct fire fighting techniques that you’re supposed to put in place?

Is your yacht ready for any fire emergency?
If a fire breaks out, do your procedures cover all possible risks and scenarios?

At which level did you assess the fire risks onboard your yacht?
Did you dig deep enough on the risks specific to your yacht, and do you understand the magnitude of fires that they would possibly cause?

Will your crew be efficient in a fire emergency?

Are you confident that every single one of your crew members will react in the right way, and deploy the right techniques?

Are you satisfied with the efficacy of your fire drills for any scenario?

Are you 100% sure that ALL your crew can deliver CPR?

Do you have a COVID-19 management plan in place?
You need to minimise the risk of the spread of COVID-19 when frequently changing crew and guests.

With Maritime Safety Solutions, they’ll take your onboard safety to the highest levels.
Contact us for more details today or book directly here.

Don’t panic, we have your solution!

We highly recommend you get in touch with Taryn and Marco who not only laugh in the face of danger, they’ll get you and your crew there with them.

Check out their short action videos of what takes place during an onboard training session, not only will it instill confidence in your crew, it’s also a brilliant team bonding exercise that will prepare you for any emergency onboard.

What takes place during an onboard training session?
Summarized here in an action packed 1m50s video.

What happens during an onboard assessment?
Rounded up in here in a neat 1m22s clip.

Simply here to help, not to point fingers

At Maritime Safety Solutions their job is to survey your yacht, bring all potential risks afloat and then give you the tools to mitigate these risks.

They offer bespoke training packages, tailored to your individual needs, so you don’t pay for anything unnecessary, they only focus on what your vessel and crew need.

They aren’t there to pick at problems, to question weaknesses or to point fingers and judge, they’re simple there to help.

Preliminary video inspections

What can MSS do for you?
They’d start with a preliminary video inspection of ventilation and exhaust systems, ducts and other areas prone to fire risk (please enquiry about the areas where this service is available) as well as a survey of your vessel and of safety and fire equipment.

They perform a knowledge check of your crew, and review of all your yachts documentations, training manuals and procedures.

They will design brand new emergency procedures for your yacht, and perform multiple drills on board to make sure that your crew acquire them and build confidence.

Finally, they will provide you with a detailed report on the work completed onboard and of the achieved results, as well as with technical recommendations about how to improve your onboard emergency setup.

Get started:
- A remote preliminary Fire & Safety assessment (based on your vessel’s documentation) at a cost of €249
- An onboard preliminary video inspection (in the areas where it is available) + Fire & Safety assessment at just €449.

Isn’t that a small price to pay for the safety and security of all your crew and guests onboard?

You can then decide whether you want to proceed with the full assessment and training package - if you decide to do so, the fee for these preliminiary services will be discounted from the training fee.

Only the best will do for you

Their experts can design your very own customized, onboard safety and training solutions.
Advising on where they think safety could be improved.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have complete peace of mind, knowing your yacht and crew have been trained and surveyed to an elite standard, that your procedures are flawless, and all onboard are prepared for any scenario, to deal with any disaster quickly, efficiently and without error?

80% of the services delivered within your training package will stay with your yacht, therefore anytime you change crew you will be able to integrate them into the process flawlessly.

Anytime, anywhere, to suit your schedule.

Drop the team a quick email and they’ll be happy to call you at your convenience and chat through how they can help you and your vessel.

It can’t hurt right?
Quite the opposite!
You’ll find the packages and solutions affordable, and the results outstanding.