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Will the USCG review/approve Vessel Security Plans submitted by owners and operators of non-US ships that expect to call at US ports for compliance with US regulations promulgated under the MTSA, if so requested by the submitter?

We have consistently taken the position that security plans for foreign flag SOLAS vessels do not have to be submitted to the Coastguard. The regulations we published on July 1st and then finalised last month make this clear. We have also gone on record with that position with our oversight committees in Congress. The Coastguard fully intends to abide by the reciprocal obligations in SOLAS and the ISP code regarding ISSCs and security plans. The Coastguard will not approve foreign SOLAS vessel security plans even if requested by the owners or operators. The US Administration is convinced that the SOLAS amendments and the ISPS Code provide an excellent framework for minimising the threat of terrorism in the maritime community. The United States should not alone battle this world wide threat. We need the help of the 102 signatories.
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