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Why is there a need for a Company Security Officer and Ship Security Officer?

Shipping companies are required to designate a Company Security Officer (CSO) to co-ordinate the security activities of the company and its ships on one hand and port facilities and Governments on the other. The CSO is also responsible for ensuring the security systems are fully maintained and internally audited. Each ship is to have a designated Ship Security Officer (SSO), who may be the ships master. The CSO and SSO are required to have knowledge of the security system and to have received appropriate training; this also applies to other personnel assigned security duties. In addition to maintaining the SSP they are to ensure its effective implementation by carrying out drills and exercises at appropriate intervals. The guidance gives a three month interval for drills, or within a week of changing more than 25% of the crew (if they have not participated in a drill on that ship within 3 months) and annual exercises.
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