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What are the requirements of the ISPS Code?

- Responsibilities of Contracting Governments, e.g. setting security levels and providing guidance for protection from security incidents ,establishing the requirements for a Declaration of Security, testing the effectiveness of ship security plans and or port facility security plans and exercising control and compliance measures in accordance with SOLAS X-1 2/9; - A Declaration of Security addressing the security requirements that could be shared between a port facility and a ship (or between ships) and stating the responsibility each shall take. - Obligations of the company to "ensure the ship security plan contains a clear statement emphasizing the master's authority" and "ensure the company security officer, the master and the ship security officer are given the necessary support to fulfil their duties and responsibilities". - Ship security with activities defined as to how a ship is required to act upon security levels set by Contracting Governments. - Ship Security Assessments to be "carried out by persons with appropriate skills to evaluate the security of a ship" and to include an on-scene survey and a number of other elements. - Ship Security Plan approved by the Administration and carried on board ship. - Records of certain "activities addressed in the ship security plan shall be kept on board for at least the minimum period specified by the Administration" These records to be protected from unauthorised access or disclosure. - Provisions for designated company security officers and ship security officers. - Training, drills and exercises concerning ship security. - Verification and certification for ships. Other requirements under Amendments to SOLAS chapters V and XI include: - Carriage requirements for ship borne navigational systems and equipment. - Requirements as to where and how the ship's identification number will be permanently marked. - Every ship to which chapter I of SOLAS applies must have a Continuous Synopsis Record containing specified information. - Provision of a ship security alert system as specified in SOLAS XI-6
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