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Is a ship visit required before an SSP is approved?

There is currently no requirement in either SOLAS XI-2 or the ISPS Code for this to take place. MCA have based their maritime security process on the basis of a single ship visit for the verification. However, for training purposes a limited number of ship visits will be made to liaise with CSO regarding SSA and SSP. SOLAS XI-2 No mention is made here of SSP approval. SOL No mention is made here of SSP approval ISPS Part A Section 9.1 Requires Administration to approve SSP Section 9.3 Requires SSPs submitted for approval to be accompanied by SSA (8.4 SSA shall include an on-scene survey by persons with appropriate skills - 8.3) Section 9.5 Requires administrations to specify which changes to SSP require approval ISPS Part B Para 9.6 Requires SSP security measures to be in place before initial verification AS XI-2
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