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How do UK registered ships gain a UK International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC)?

The following steps need to be taken: - Appoint and organise approved training for, the Company Security Officer and Ship Security Officers. - Ensure a Ship Security Assessment (ISPS Code A/8.2) is undertaken for each ship by people with appropriate skills. This will include as on-scene survey of the ship (ISPS Code A/8.4) and could involve the use of a consultant. - Approve the Ship Security Assessment (ISPS Code A/8.5) - Develop a Ship Security Plan (ISPS Code A/9.4) taking into account the findings of the Ship Security Assessment. This could involve the use of a consultant. - Implement Ship Security Plan (SSP) and submit SSP and Ship Security Assessment for approval to TRANSEC for passenger ships or MCA for cargo ships. The UK is not authorising Recognised Security Organisations. - Arrange for an internal review of the ship security system prior to verification visit.
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