We’re Having A Sale

Bluewater Training in the USA are having a 2 day sale

By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 28 November 2019

Cyber Monday and Treat Tuesday

The Bluewater USA Training office is flinging it’s doors wide open and having a grand sale.

The calendar is live and online for all the Fort Lauderdale courses in 2020, search through and select two courses, enjoy a massive 50% off the 2nd course booked, and all you need to do to secure your discount is pay a deposit.

It really is that easy. Are there any courses you need in the next 12 months?
Maybe a Safety & Security course such as Medical Care At Sea or a First Aid class?
Leadership & Management certificates still to complete?
Perhaps you’re working through your OOW modules?
As a deckhand have you got your Efficient Deckhand and Yachtmaster Theory booked?
Be sure to book them now and make a massive saving.
You won’t regret it.

This limited time offer is only available on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd December.
If you experience any issues reserving your courses online, call our friendly training team who will be happy to assist you: +1 (954) 779-7764

You can also pop by to meet with the training team, discuss your course requirements and enjoy big savings on your bookings.
We have a relaxed common area for all crew to enjoy, to sit back with a hot drink and catch up with their peers.

Course Discounts

Below is a small sample of the massive savings available to you, the discount applies to all our Bluewater courses with the exception of the RYA Yachtmaster offshore practical or package, Ship’s Cook Assessment and Fire training courses.

Yacht Interior Service Level 1 $965.00 - purchased with Powerboat level 2 $610 now $305

Entry Level Deck Week $1,220 - purchased with Powerboat level 2 $610 now $305

AEC 1 $1,120 purchased with AEC 2 $1,120 now $560

Yachtmaster Theory $1,250 purchased with Efficient Deckhand $1.015 now $507.50

General Ship Knowledge $1,320 purchased with HELM Management $1,220 now $610

Master Seamanship and Meteorology $1,320 purchased with Medical Care at Sea $1,020 now $510

Please note to secure your discount, a deposit must be paid on both courses on the 2nd or 3rd December, the discount will be calculated when the balance is due and will be given on the cheaper of the two courses.
If you have any problems at all please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we look forward to welcoming you!
E: trainingusa@bluewateryachting.com
T: +1 (954) 779-7764