Staying Fit and Healthy on a Superyacht Charter: Ask the Experts

Superyachts have long been famous for hedonistic vacations, with stories of fabulous parties and endless food and wine. Yet for many people, yacht charters are now coming into their own as a different kind of holiday altogether—one where wellness, health and fitness are firmly on the menu.

By Jo Morgan • 25 October 2018
...Which makes sense really, for luxury yachts are the ultimate wellness retreat, a tranquil floating island where the crew are there to help you reach your health goals. And even if you still want to indulge on charter, there are lots of things you can do to ensure you don’t return from your vacation feeling like you’ve fallen out of your healthy routine.

To help you stay fit and healthy on charter while still living the decadent superyacht lifestyle, we have curated some top tips from yachting industry health experts.

Be creative with hydration.

Rudi Keil, ex-professional rugby player turned physiotherapist, fitness instructor and masseuse at BMOVED, cannot stress enough how important it is to ramp up your fluid intake.

"On a charter boat, the climate is controlled inside, and then you’re walking out into really hot sun to sunbathe, or vice versa. These extremities of temperature exposure really play with the body’s temperature gauge, which means you’re consistently losing water.

So, drink regularly on charter, starting first thing, when your body is a dry sponge after 8 hours of fasting. Also, if you’re drinking lots of water throughout the day, ask the stewardess to add a little lemon and a tiny bit of Himalayan salt into the water, because you’re literally diluting your mineral base by flushing your system with water".

Get the crew onside.

The gastronomic side of yacht charter is pure heaven, and that doesn’t have to change just because you want to eat well.

Antonin Nikl, a superyacht chef, suggests that guests "Tell the chef exactly what their goal is for the type of food on charter and to cook healthy, fresh and organic meals where possible. Make sure you get the best produce by requesting that the chef sources the majority of products from local butchers, fishmongers and markets. It’s also easy for yacht chefs to create delicious low sugar desserts where no-one feels they are missing out, so just ask!"

Gentle movement prepares you for the day.

Noona Ayres, founder of Revitalize Yoga and Reiki, believes that doing some gentle movement is the perfect way to start a day on charter.

"Gentle movement such as hatha yoga is very good for the body, mind and soul. Through gentle movement the body actually relaxes, tight muscles stretch and release, and the breath becomes more even. Consequently, the nervous system calms down, digestion is improved, and sleep is enhanced. If you can start your day with some yoga, you feel invigorated yet calm, more relaxed and yet more focussed, less stressed and better equipped to enjoy all that life has to offer during your holiday".

Rudi Keil added that doing a range of mobility movements prepares your muscles and joints for all the different movements your day on charter might have in store for you, whether that’s riding the Jet Ski or launching yourself down the yacht’s 3-storey waterslide. His advice is to "Wake up and stretch as you instinctively require, to get your body moving!"

With these great tips from our health experts, it’s clear that you are not missing out on anything by keeping fit and healthy on charter.

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