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  • Need an international bank account?

    5 months ago
    We understand that banking can be very problematic for crew as ‘non-residents’ around the world. Keeping bank accounts steady without bumping into tax problems, card limits, lack of time, large payments, transfer problems, checking balances and other financial implications that might come along while working at sea, is very difficult for crew to keep on top of. Often it is difficult to find help of any kind whether via internet, branch or cash machine
  • Time is ticking - Our Apple promotion is ending on February 15th

    6 months ago
    This is your last chance to take advantage of a free Apple gift when signing to our popular ONE account
  • FAQs about the new STCW refresher requirement

    By Sarah Corn • 8 months ago
    Recently we have heard a lot of confusion from crew, asking about the new STCW refresher courses, so we decided to answer all of your questions to our bluewater COO, Sarah Corn, to clarify the new requirements
  • Onboard bartender courses

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 8 months ago
    For over 3 years now, bluewater have been in partnership with Shaker Bar School in the UK. We joined up when the PYA introduced the GUEST interior training course program and we have worked closely providing onboard training and referring students to their school in the UK ever since
  • Photo Competition winner 2015!

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 8 months ago
    A big CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of our 2015 annual photo competition, Robert Graffam, for his photo "Taking a moment to daydream at Emirau Island."
  • Masseuse Training Courses

    9 months ago
    We are happy to announce that from the 9th of November 2015, bluewater will be running Masseuse training courses, in affiliation with our partner training-provider, Natalie Boddy at HARMONIE in Antibes