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For a healthy lifestyle onboard
Client & Crew Wellness
For a Clean & Healthy Lifestyle

B MOVED’s mission is to help people perform better and live cleanly through positive lifestyle choices.

Strategically aligned with some of the world’s leading experts on strength training, anti-ageing and supplementation, they provide you access to brand new solutions, technologies and products for health and wellbeing.

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Charter services

Charter guests can benefit from a luxury massage, personal training, hormone balancing or supplemental advice while relaxing onboard.

Smart nutrition. Rudi works alongside the yacht chef to provide nutritional advice and assist in designing a customised eating plan for your guest’s specific dietary needs.

CREWFIT & Crew services

B MOVED offer expert tips and advice for crew on nutrition and fitness. Including what supplements to take for an active lifestyle or what exercise selection is vital to keep fit and healthy during the demanding charter season.

Mighty Cool Supplements

B MOVED sell all-natural supplements to assist in weight loss, cleansing and energizing the body. As well as healthy snacks, recovery drinks and raw organic Coconut oil for healthy food preparation.

This collection uses only superior products, which have been formulated with natural, high-quality minerals, to offer you the very best of the best!

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