Singapore Grand Prix

20th - 22nd Sep 2024

Being the first night race in the F1’s history, the Singaporean Grand Prix stands as one of the most prestigious events on the F1 calendar. Against the stunning backdrop of Singapore’s modern skyline, drivers navigate the Marina Bay Street Circuit, immersing spectators in a mesmerizing spectacle.
Witness the exhilarating race unfold under the shimmering lights of the Circuit, and during the day, indulge in the finest experiences Singapore has to offer aboard your own opulent chartered yacht.
Singapore is a modern and vibrant country and one of the wealthiest countries in the world due to its successful position in global finance and shipping. It has fantastic infrastructure from its iconic theatres and cutting-edge art exhibitions to its futuristic architecture. The Marina Bay Sands hotel towers and the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay have become symbols of this visionary city. 
Despite its excellent contemporary structure and high-end establishments, there are few spots which have kept both Chinese and Muslim traditions full of rich history and culture to capture your imagination. 
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Selected Yachts

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