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Gran Canaria

The Eastern Canary islands - Grand Canaria

Gran Canaria (to give it its Spanish name) is the third largest island after Tenerife and Fuertoventura in the Eastern Canary islands off the coast of Africa.
Las Palmas, its capital and business centre, is the 7th largest city in Spain and has a busy cruise vessel port at Puerto de la Luz. The circular island of Gran Canaria with its warm trade winds, is ideally suited to explore by pleasure boats and yachts. There is over 200 Km of coastline of which 60 Km comprises some beautiful sand dunes and golden beaches. The interior of the island tends to be volcanic and heavy going for motoring, but chartering a yacht to explore the coastal areas is easily arranged by contacting Bluewater Charter Department and allowing their brokers to suggest the appropriate motor or sailing yacht for you. Las Palmas is the place to start exploring with easy access to the city from the port.

If visiting the island of Gran Canaria for the first time it is worth noting that although there is a spring-like climate in winter and sea temperatures of 18 - 22 degrees throughout the year, the September to April nights can be much cooler and packing extra clothing is sensible. If anchoring offshore is planned there will be plenty of occasions in the smaller coastal towns where swimming off the boat is permitted. Las Palmas has three harbours, flanked on either side by two beaches ideal for a little relaxed day. To explore the city you will find that traffic is heavy and its advisable to arm yourself with a good street map before taking a walking tour of the restaurants, casinos and the new shopping mall (El Muello) created to attract the visitors off the cruise ships. The real hub of Las Palmas is the city square (Parque de Santa Cantalina). A taxi to the suburbs will reveal the oldest suburb of the city called Vegueta. Here Columbus prayed in the Ermita de San Antonio Adab before setting out to the Americas.

Heading south out of the harbour will lead the intrepid yachting enthusiast towards the world-famous beaches of Playa del Ingls with its high-rise hotels and the beach of Maspalomas with its magnificent sand-dunes. You will recognise the beach from the hectic water-sports taking place and the family-orientated Aqua-Parks. The area has been so intensively re-built that it is now known as "the Costa Canaria." To attract the golfing enthusiasts we have the "Salobre Golf Course and Resort" and the "Campo de Golf de Maspalmas." The latter has six lakes surrounded by Palm trees. Both are 18 hole courses with driving range, restaurants and club hire.

Sailing out of the marina at Maspalomas you pass the old headland lighthouse and start the ascent of the rocky west coast of Gran Canaria. The first port of call is Puerto Rico, which has actually three harbours to choose from. One is an attractive marina and has a yacht club nearby. The beach is ideal for a family holiday though the hillside has been largely overdeveloped to cater for tourists.

Moving up the rocky western coast Puerto de Mogn is the next marina and this also has its own beach nearby (Playa de Mogan). The town, known as "little Venice" is picturesque with pedestrian-only squares full of flowering bougainvillea and lots of restaurants, jazz clubs and cocktail bars. This is definitely a "must-see" town where holiday accommodation blends in with the local architecture. From the marina to the next harbour reveals a northwest coastal zone covered with banana plantations. The centre for this produce is the town of Arucas firmly situated on the northern coast distinguished by a 20th Century neo-Gothic cathedral. When sailing, it is easier to bypass this landmark and arrive back at the town with lots of nightlife, namely Las Palmas.

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