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The Adriatic is part of the Mediterranean Sea which is separated by the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan Peninsula. Venice is an idyllic starting place for yacht chartering in the Adriatic.
Imagine seeing the beautiful architecture of Venice, the rich colours of a setting sun flickering rays from the waters of the Grand Canal making the Santa Maria basilica even more enchanting, from the back deck of your yacht. Chartering a yacht allows you to see the wonders of the history of Venice unfold before your eyes; enjoy the treasures this area has to offer in the luxury and comfort of your dream yacht charter.

The images and pictures portrayed by this beautiful city is one of love and romance and once you have visited it will have you under its spell. It is an ideal dream yacht vacation with its hundreds of islands within the lagoon. There are around 400 bridges connecting the city which create a maze of secret passes. It is worth exploring these wonderful sites on foot as well as by waterways. The popular way to admire the Renaissance buildings , palaces and facades is along the tiny canals is by hiring a gondola. Prices can be high so it is worth taking the time to discuss this before you embark on your journey.

The city of Venice became established in the fifth century after the Barbarian invasions which drove the people in the region to take refuge here. It was originally under the rule of the Byzantine Realm , but in 726 AD the people voted for Agnello Partecipazio, the first Doge . His Palace is one of the highlights of the city. Then in 828 AD it is said that two merchants brought the body of St Mark of Alexandria to the city and so he became the patron saint and the famous Basilica was built to house the precious relics and St Mark became the patron saint, a lion being the emblem of Venice.

Until the late fifteenth century this place was the trading centre between the East and the West, trading silks and spices. It was only after the fall of Constantinople in 1453 when the Turks took control as well as the discovery of America and India that trade declined.
The best months to visit are early in the Spring from April onwards. There are not too may tourists then and the weather is warm. High season is not recommended as there can be a lot of insects and foul smells from the lagoon, not to mention the hundreds of tourists which can make sightseeing hard work. In late October and November there tend to be high tides which often flood the City, however in December the mists give the place a true magic.

Eating out is an important part of any visit. The specialities would be to try a risotto like risotto nero di sepia, which is a black ink colour, or risotto al radicchio which is with chicory. Other dishes of this region are polenta, liver slices of veal cooked with onions called fegato went vicenta, or sardines. This region also is famous for its cakes like tiramisu, almond cakes and a star shaped cake called the Pan del Doge. The best wines of this region include the Soave, Brodolino Valolicella. For aperitifs the popular drinks are Spritz, Bellini and Vanilla sgroppino.
Going out at night the place to head for is Harry's bar and watch the sun set. Get there early as it is very popular and difficult to get a dinner reservation. The busiest are is the Cannaregio, but the meeting place for most of the young people is the Campo Santa Margherita. However nothing surpasses the Carnival in February when place is alive with music and dancing. There is something for everyone in Venice from shopping and fine dining to museums, art and the many Palaces.
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