Rome The Eternal City

The Eternal City has many faces, and on a luxury yacht charter to Rome you can see them all. Rome is a city of food and of wine, of love and art and history; she tells of war and peace and long-dead empires, mighty religions and Renaissance masterpieces. She is a modern spectacle, an ancient tomb, a religious pilgrimage, a foodie’s heaven. Byron once called Rome ‘the city of the soul’, and it is easy to see why.


Rome is a thrilling yacht charter destination in that she has everything to offer the elite traveller, from Michelin stars to glamorous rooftop bars, high end fashion boutiques, art galleries and spas.

Take a private tour of the Vatican and marvel at Michelangelo’s fresco on the roof of the Sistine Chapel. Climb to the top of the colossal Coloseum, where the gladiators battled wild beasts long ago on the blood-soaked sands.

Wander through the ruins of the Forum, columns still standing high against the city sky, and throw a coin over your left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain to ensure a return to Rome. Afterwards, sit upon the Spanish Steps eating pizza and drinking good local wine, watching the hum and thrum of life in the grand piazzas.

Shop at the exclusive boutiques along Via Borgognona and Via Condotti, where some of the world’s greatest hat makers, tailors and designers ply their trades to a sophisticated clientele. Meanwhile, if the art of Rome has captured your heart then head to Via Giulia to shop for art and antiques.

In the late afternoon visit the terraces above the city for sunset, the smell of the orange groves rich in the air, and look out upon a skyline that is both ancient and modern, with ultra modern hotels crammed amongst ancient churches.

Then enjoy an evening of cocktails and champagne in one of the many stunning rooftop bars, looking out across the glittering city, and dine in Michelin star restaurants or rustic trattorias- the food in Rome will rarely disappoint.

For a staggering Roman experience, attend a concert or watch the ballet under the stars at the grand amphitheatre, or visit the opera in one of the world’s greatest auditoriums, the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma.

Just want to relax for the day? Head to one of Rome’s luxury spas, where you can be massaged with flecks of gold while looking out upon the sea, or lounge about in cool blue pools built on the ruins of Nero’s ancient baths, imagining bygone days. You could also spend the day luxuriating in Mediterranean sunshine and glamour at one of the beach clubs at Frenege, a nearby beach resort that is enjoying a resurgence as a drawcard for the Roman and international elite.

Ancient ruins, fashion boutiques, infamous artworks and Michelin stars- Rome has it all.

When in Rome, one cannot help but think of time passing, of glory ages now consigned to dust. Be sure to include Rome on your next Italian yacht charter, and take advantage of your moment in history. Why wait?

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