The Port of Naples has to be classed as one of the most beautiful ports in the Mediterranean with the backdrop being Mount Vesuvius. It is a yachting destination holding many historical treasures, Italy's largest shipyard and a port which has held importance since the Greek and Roman times. Chartering a yacht is the best way to enjoy Naples and discover this part of the Amalfi coast.


Naples is surrounded by three hills: the 11th century castle of Saint Elmo and the Charterhouse of San Martino, which is where the National museum holds paintings, sculptures, models and manuscripts, are well positioned on the Vomero Hill. From here there is a panoramic view over the bay. The Arenella height and the promontory of Miseno and Posillipo are the other hills.

As a yachting destination it is becoming increasingly popular and this is why the authorities are expanding the tourist ports for pleasure and charter yachts at Porto Fiorito, Mergellina is to have 2000 new moorings and Luise Wharf will be have better facilities for smaller boats and yachts. The port is located centrally to the city and only 15km to the airport, making it a good starting point for charter. The port handles liquid cargo, solid bulk, containers as well as cruise liners and ferries. It is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean.
The close proximity of the center of the town has made this a convenient tourist stop for cruise liners.

Dominating the skyline in the distance is Mount Vesuvius, which in 62 AD destroyed the village of Pompeii and was only excavated in 1748. These excavations have continued to reveal an amazing insight into life during those times. The last major eruption was back in 1944 when the shape of the crater was changed. Today the volcano is quiet and there is a good road for those wishing to get closer to its summit. The town of Pompeii attracts thousands of tourists who come to see the archaeological remains.

The surrounding area is on a geothermic zone called the Campi Flegrei or "fiery fields." This produces thermal springs and gave rise to the spa's which were so popular in Roman times.

Close by the port is the Maschio Angioino or castle with its deep sided moat. It dates back to 1282, when it was built by architects to Charles I of Anjou. It is an impressive piece of fortification. Then there is the Piazza del Municipio or the city Hall Square which is spacious and modern, and links the old and new architecture together. There are two impressive buildings in the square. One is the church of Santa Chiara and the other is the church of Gesu Nuovo. It is 15th century and was the residence of the Prince of Salemo.

One of the biggest festivals celebrated here, and in many other parts of Italy is on Easter Monday. It is called the "Monday of the Angel." It is a celebration of the Monday after Jesus' resurrection. The disciples walked from Jerusalem to the nearby village, so this is what many young people do, they go out for the day walking together, often forming big crowds.

The oldest part of Naples is Posillipo. It has a rocky coastline but is very picturesque with the different coloured buildings, bougainvillea trailing from the 13th century Renaissance buildings and rocks and its old Roman remains. The nearest port is Mergellina Sannarzzaro . It is an ideal port for yachts up to 30 meters. There is a hydrofoil service to the Islands of Capri and Ischia which is popular. Rising up behind the village are the hills of Posillipo which have the best views over the Bay of Naples.


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