Costa Smeralda

On the Eastern side of Sardinia there are harbours for luxury yachts particularly around Olbia and its twin islands Tavolara and Molara. Further around the coast we find what is locally known as the Costa Smeralda.


This area was developed largely by the Emerald Coast Consortium who intended it to rival American Millionaire playgrounds found in the Caribbean. It is now devoted entirely to luxury holidays with particularly good moorings at Porto Carvo. Not surprisingly the village has developed its restaurants and golf club although la Torazzo is only open in the summer. Two other well-known restaurants at Porto Carvo are Da Gianne Pedthelle and open March-October and La Mola which is closed on Mondays. Costa Smeralda Hotels often have their own websites and the choice from 125 hotels is a sign of growth in this region.

The Costa Smeralda has some of the best beaches in the world and a stroll to the yacht club is worth the trouble just to see the variety of luxury and smaller charter yachts. Nature lovers would also not like to miss the excellent sand dunes at "Torre die corsoi" or the fishing available whilst anchoring off the Porto Carvo Coast.


Selection of yachts

Charter in Costa Smeralda onboard a luxury yacht
Mosaique Yacht Charter


  • 49.9m
  • Year2002
  • €200,000 / week

Turquoise Yachts

Fiorente Yacht Charter


  • 36.95m
  • Year1990
  • €66,000 / week


Aura Yacht Charter


  • 36.6m
  • Year2006
  • €115,000 / week