Capri & Ischia Tyrrhenian Sea

The Islands are of Ischia and Capri are situated in the Bay of Naples. Ischia is the larger of the two Islands are is about 30 km from the mainland, whilst Capri is closest to the headland of Sorrento. Both make beautiful destinations to explore by yacht as there are wonderful waters with caves and an abundance of sea life.


Scuba diving is popular because of this which can be organised on the Island of Ischia.

The Island of Ischia is better equipped for the tourists with it numerous small shops, restaurants and bars. It is popular with day trippers from the mainland. The Island is divided into two main parts which is the port area and the area around the Castle and Roman Bridge.
The harbour is on the site of an extinct volcanic crater, which was once a volcanic lake. Behind the port is the hill of Montagnone which has a funicular taking visitors to the top to see the wonderful views. The interior is rocky and mountainous with Monte Epomeo being the highest point on the Island at 788 meters.

The Island dates back to the Bronze and Iron Age, and artefacts from this time can been seen in the history museum. With the arrival of the Greeks, in the 8th century, vines were introduced and the local wine produced today from Pietratorcia is an excellent quality and well worth visiting the domaine.

The other sights to see is the Castle of Aragonese which was built back in 475 BC. It is one of the highlights of the Island, and is accessible through either a tunnel or the modern lift. There is also the Cathedral of Assunta and Church of Immacolata to see.

On the western side of the Island is Florio which is famous for its tower and thermal springs. It became popular as for the wealthy Italians and has many beautiful villas here. La Mortella is one such renouned villas which was the home of British Composer Sir William Walton. He turned the grounds into a tropical paradise of rare plants. The Island has many golden beaches, the best known being Cetara beach.

Capri nearby has two harbours, that of Marina Piccola and the main port Marina Grande. The first inhabitants here were the Greeks, which is how the Island got its name "Kapros", meaning wild boar. The Roman villa Jovis, at Monte Tiberio, is still intact and a worthwhile visit.
The Grande Marina port is the place to berth whilst visiting this Island. The port was built in 1928 making it possible for yachts to visit.
Both Islands are famous for their hand carved shells as well as its coral.

When yachting you will see the famous three rock cliffs known as the Faraglioni. They are named Stella, the tallest, Faraglione di Mezzo and Scopolo. Living on these rocks can be found the rare blue lizard. To see the Islands magnificent Blue Grotto it is necessary to take a small boat. There are organised boat trips from the Grande Marina or take a small private tender. The amazing colours reflected on the walls as well as on the stalactites is a what has given the grotto its name. To soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant Island go to the Piazetta, the Square, which has lots of outdoor cafes and bars. Exploring this area you will need to be prepared for some steep walks, but the views are breath-taking. Anacapri is an equally picturesque village with views of the Bay of Naples. Before visiting here it is worth reading the book by Dr.Axel Munthe called "The story of San Michele". It is a story about his life and the building of his villa "San Michele" in 1880. The proceeds from the sales of this book have funded bird sanctuaries in Italy.

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