Seychelles Chartering in and around the Seychelles

The Seychelles has altogether about 115 islands which can be divided into two groups, the Inner Islands and the Outer Islands. The Seychelles all lie some 1,600-1,750 kilometres off the East Africa coast and most are only a few degrees off the equator. The sixteen Inner islands are Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, Anonyne, Aride, Bird Island, Cerf, Chauve Souris and Conception.


All the islands enjoy a tropical climate all the year round and apart from the Trade Winds during October to March, yachting is ideal in the calm seas which protect for diving and snorkelling. Apart from fabulous sandy beaches, which are becoming world famous, there are many special attractions for those on a luxury sailing or motor yacht charter.

Mahé is the largest island in the Seychelles. In Mahé the "Fairy Land" has a beach front location and is sheltered by a rocky cove. For the tourists flying into the Seychelles, the airport has two international flights per day, and Victoria the Capital, is only a few minutes drive away. There are also a selection of some very good hotels in this area, one of which has a golf club. The popular pastimes on this island are diving, fly-fishing and horse riding. All of which can be arranged on arrival.

On Praslin Island there are four luxury hotels, each of which have their own large swimming pool. Exploring the Inner Islands is best by local or chartered luxury yacht and La Digue Island has five major beaches, though only two major hotels. These are set among palm trees nestling and over looking two of the local sandy beaches. La Digue is the home of the rare black paradise flycatcher and worth a visit. The Outer Islands of the Seychelles, which can also be further divided into five groups, have only two islands offering accommodation, namely "Alphonse" and "Desroches". However the sparkling white beaches and crystal blue waters will still attract many international tourists, especially those wishing to dive with the dolphins and turtles. On the land it is very popular to go and see the giant land tortoise and the smallest frog. Nature trails have been set up on the various nature reserves, which comprise almost half the limited land areas nor accessible in the Seychelles. Using these nature trails, it is ideal for bird watchers who wish to see, on arid island, the home and breeding areas for such birds such as the magpie robins, fodies and many brush warblers.

Saint Anne Island is the largest island of the marine national park and is located some four kilometres from the island of Mahé. It is close to other islands in the outer group. this particular island has been targeted as a new tourist attraction by reason of being close to Cerf Island, Round Island and Moyenne Island. It has the most recently constructed six star resort, the 3Saint Anne Resort", and boasted one of the largest areas of sea grass in the Seychelles. It will be noticed after a yachting tour that, not surprisingly, the Seychelles is known in French as the "Dream Island" (Ile de Rêves). The luxury hotels, particularly the one of Cerf Island, with its twelve private villas, has attracted wedding reception booking, honeymooners and of course yachting enthusiasts. Cerf Island was only discovered by the Portuguese in 1502, but after the Seychelles became a French colony in 1756, the English retained it as a colony from 1903 until 1976. It has now achieved independence and has become known as the Republic of the Seychelles. In the 2006 elections, President Michel was re-elected.

The reason for so many French names in the Seychelles is due to the claim to the Islands by the expedition of Lazare Picaut and the subsequent French colonisation and agricultural settlement until the end of the 18th century. Today Seychelles is unique, safe, and although far from civilisation, has become a main tourist attraction.

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