Turkey The Turquoise Coast

With more than 4400 miles of coastline on the Mediterranean, Aegean and Baltic Seas, Turkey offers some of the most beautiful experiences on earth for a luxury yacht charter.


Packed with history, stunning scenery and a vibrant culture, a yacht charter in Turkey can take you along limestone coasts of deep pine forests and secret coves, to the ancient ruins of Ephesus or a bustling spice bazaar in Istanbul. Enjoy delicious Turkish food, explore Byzantine palaces and dock in award-winning luxury marinas. At this meeting point of Europe and Asia, the ancient and the modern collide in an extraordinary feast for the senses.

On the Turquoise Coast, known for its brilliant blue waters and warm Mediterranean climate, yacht guests will enjoy some of the best cruising that Europe has to offer. Mark Antony is reputed to have given Cleopatra this stretch of coast as a wedding gift, and we can only imagine she would have been impressed. Today, with quiet anchorages, sapphire waters and pretty fishing villages, this stretch of coastline offers ancient ruins and perfect sand beaches. The diving is spectacular, with the rocky coastline riddled with underwater tunnels, caves and drop-offs. One of the most wonderful sites is Afkule I, where caves teem with shrimp and coloured fish and the rock walls glow with colours under the sea. Stop in pretty coastal towns to explore, or anchor in a secluded cove and bake fresh-caught fish on a fire at a luxury beach picnic, with white cloth tables and lanterns set up on the sand.

Among the quiet pines and sheer cliffs, history waits. At Kaunos you will find grand stone tombs and temples built by the ancient Lycians and Carians. The most magnificent line the cliffs of the Dalyan river and you can anchor in Tomb Bay and explore the ruins of the city, where a theatre, baths and old temples are still fairly intact. After a day’s exploring the Turquoise coast you can relax in one of the mud baths or thermal springs that this region is known for - at Göcek, a bay is known as Cleopatra’s Baths, and the secret to her beauty is said to be found in the waters. Stop in Türkbükü, a glamorous port with excellent restaurants, or the world-famous Bodrum, with its crusader castle and busy yacht marina.

With gentle cruising conditions, views of the Taurus Mountains and short sailing distances between magnificent historical sites, the Turquoise Coast is a must-see in a lifetime.

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World awaits you further up Turkey’s coastline, at the mighty ruins of Epheysus. This ancient Greek city is home to the Temple of Artemis, where today you can see a single column still standing against the ravages of time. This ruined city began on the site in the 10th century BC, had its heyday under Roman rule from 129 BC, and also has great Christian significance as the city was mentioned in the Book of Revelation and the Virgin Mary is said to have lived out the end of her days here.

After Ephesus, head north to discover the magic of Istanbul, at the narrow land bridge that connects Europe with Asia. This magnificent city of Eastern churches and grand mosques represents the meeting of continents and world religions. Ancient Constantinople will steal your heart, as you explore the maze of narrow winding streets, Aladdin’s Cave bazaars and relax in a steaming hammam. Listen to the wonderful sound of the call to prayer float from minarets, and enjoy the sophisticated dining and nightlife that this glorious city has to offer.

Turkey has many wonders for you to discover, and what better way to do so than from onboard a luxury superyacht.

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Charter in Turkey onboard a luxury yacht
La Gatta Yacht Charter

La Gatta

  • 23.29m
  • Year2019
  • €59,000 / week


Solandge Superyacht Charter


  • 85.1m
  • Year2013
  • €1,000,000 / week


LADY VERA  Charter


  • 73.5m
  • Year2011
  • €700,000 / week