Rhodes Rhodes in the Greek Islands

Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese and manages to accommodate a steady stream of luxury yachts "island-hopping" around the Eastern Mediterranean.


What attracts the tourists is the stunning scenery, an all the year round equitable climate, the medieval castles and fortresses and of course the very clear and clean beaches. Although average temperatures range between 60 and 80 degrees F with rainfall mostly January - March and November - December, the beach umbrellas are in constant use. Rhodes city is unique in being the largest inhabited medieval city in Europe.

For the chartered yacht enthusiast Rhodes city has 3 harbours and is in the process of building a fourth in the Zefyros area, scheduled to be completed in 2009. The two major harbours service cargo and cruise ships, Kalona harbour is for private yachts and Mandraki harbour for small yachts and commercial boat trips. Mandraki is the most picturesque harbour of them all and is surrounded by the impressive fortress walls of the medieval town. For visitors coming ashore it is not immediately obvious that the town is divided into two parts. The Castello internal fortress is in the northern part and the so-called "Chora" where the Greeks and the Jews lived in the 15th Century, is in the southern part of the town. An ancient wall that divides the two parts of the City still partially exists and runs parallel to Sokratos street.

To explore the medieval city it is worth noting that very few of the small winding streets are actually named, hence it is quite easy to get lost. The whole area is closed to traffic during the summer and even in the winter it is almost impossible to find a parking spot outside the city walls. From Mandraki harbour the road climbs up to Simi Square and the so-called 'Gate of Freedom'. This ornate gate was so-named by the Italians in 1924 in celebration of the island's liberation from the Turks. Immediately opposite are the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite (built in the third Century B.C.) and further on the "Inn of the Tongue of Auvergue" built in 1507. On the left is the 'Arsenal Gate' leading back to the harbour of the commercial port of Akadia. Buildings nearby are home to the Municipal Art Gallery. Nearby relics of the Turkish siege in 1522 (cannon balls etc) can be seen in Argyrokastrow Square. A museum worth a visit is the Institute of History and Archaeology, and before stretching out on the "Elli Beach" a walk-about should include the National Theatre situated in the Town Hall Square. This is a unique piece of "fascistic architecture" completed with glass bricks. About 3 kilometres from Rhodes City is the Rodini Park with its mini Zoo and Roman aqueduct and in the northernmost part of the city there is the Institute of Marine Biology with its research aquarium.

For the visitor seeking to stay ashore and locate a suitable hotel, there are plenty around the island, mostly near the best beaches. In Rhodes City there are more than a dozen hotels. The 4 star-rated ones to consider are Blue Sky City Beach hotel and Petit Palais Mitsi hotel. Travelling a short distance south of Mandraki harbour there are the hotels at the village of Afandon with their own swimming pools and a few steps from the beach at Faliraki.

A circumnavigation of Rhodes Island would show how many beauty spots there are to be seen. Moving to the southern tip of the island there are the villages of Lindos with its boutique cable car to the beautiful sandy beach and at Kiotari with the Mitsis Rhodos Village hotel and its tennis courts and water-sports.

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Selection of yachts

Charter in Rhodes onboard a luxury yacht
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