Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean, which due to its chequered history continues to be an independent country divided into two autonomous areas. The southern part is known as the "Republic of Cyprus" and the northern part the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus."


The Republic of Cyprus has two international airports one at Paphos and the other at Larnaka. It has a beautiful coastline and a rich and historic interior, making it a desirable yachting location.

British Airways flies to both and conveniently the nearest airport is only a few kilometres from the harbour of Pathos. Having 340 days of sunshine per year on average the island of Cyprus is ready to be explored. Visitors can cross from South to north without interference although the currency does change from the euro to the Turkish lira. For the visitor arriving by boat the only legal ports of entry are Limassol, Larnaka and Paphos. The entire town of Pathos is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site hence there will be great interest that development does not damage the environment.

For the yachting enthusiast exploring the coves, beaches and peninsulas of Cyprus will be an unforgettable photogenic experience but to go ashore will provide the added chance of seeing how ancient Greek and Byzantine history has blended in with Roman, Venetian and Gothic architecture. Cosmopolitan restaurants will give you the chance to sample Turkish, Greek, Italian or Indian food. If mooring at Paphos harbour is decided, it has the best facilities with 240 Voltage A.C. and UK 3 pin sockets. Also English language daily newspapers are available and the weekly "Cyprus Today" will give more information on the local weather, the local festivals, admission prices to visitor centres and lots of advertising of hotels. Spring is a great time to visit if walking and hiking is planned but for swimming and scuba-diving the nearest beach at Coral Bay to the north of Pathos, is recommended.

Its sea temperatures are highest in August (mean average 32 degrees C.) Back at Paphos for an evening taverna-type meal consider the restaurant "Oliveto" at the harbour. If a whole day trip is needed, then the Aphrodite Water Park is worth a visit. It is situated in Poseidonos Avenue and an attractive venue to family visitors since it has available water-slide areas for the children and the usual white knuckle rides for adults. The "Lazy River Trip" with its darkened tunnels, waterfalls etc can take about 15 minutes but it is safe and has plenty of lifeguards. Car parking is free and there are lots of toilet facilities.

For the yachtsman who is now wishing to see the churches, museums and Byzantine art galleries, then Pathos has them in plenty. Much information can be gleaned from the English language papers, and the "must-see" churches such as the Basilica dating from the 5th Century A.D., the Theoskepasti church, the Panayric Chyzopolitissa and Limeniotissa churches can be found in a walk-about. The museums have to be checked for visiting hours but the ancient history (Ethnographical) museum and the Pathos District Archaeological museums will provide information on explorations in and around Pathos.

The desire to explore more than the coastline around Pathos will be an amazing experience and confirm that there is a growing tourist interest in both north and southern coasts. This interest has extended to real estate and the building industry is busy in many of the suburbs of Lemios, Larnaca, Limassol where recently the Tiffany shopping mall opened, and even in Nicosia (Lefkosia) the capital divided city in the north. The good news is that tourist and business visas are not required anywhere in the island of Cyprus.


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