Antalya The Turkish Riviera

The Persians founded Antalya in 158 B.C. and it has a history of great antiquity. Given its near-perfect deep natural harbour, its popularity was much prized by the Greeks and then the Romans.


The area to explore stretches from the port of Bodrum facing the Aegean Sea in the southwest to the port of Alanya in the southeast. By boat a large part of the Turkish Riviera can be explored around the Gulf of Antalaya where the climate is near-perfect all the year round.(Average high in winter of 14 degrees C and summer 32 degrees C). Apart from the capital Istanbul, Antalya with its university and high-tech industries is close to the airport and a good starting point to capture the spirit of modern Turkey.


Selection of yachts

Charter in Antalya onboard a luxury yacht
Moonlight II Superyacht Charter

Moonlight II

  • 91.4m
  • Year2005
  • €595,000 / week

Neorion Shipyard

Nero Superyacht Charter


  • 90.1m
  • Year2007
  • €497,000 / week

Corsair Yachts

Lauren L Superyacht Charter

Lauren L

  • 90m
  • Year2002
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Cassens Werft