Montenegro The Rising Star

The tiny mountainous country of Montenegro is a rising star of the superyacht world, with its breathtaking scenery, rich history and luxurious marina facilities making it an ideal destination for a luxury yacht charter.


Often combined with a Croatian yacht charter, this beautiful wild country set on a 28km inlet of the Adriatic Sea offers plenty of sights and experiences for visiting yachts.

Lord Byron once said of Montenegro, ‘At the birth of our planet, the most beautiful encounter between the land and the sea must have happened at the coast of Montenegro.’

It is very easy to see why.

Limestone mountains plunge into crystal clear water and fragrant pine forests edge secret coves and pebbled beaches. River islands are home to luxury hotels, and secluded monasteries sit high in the quiet mountains. Medieval fortresses sit amongst villages of terracotta roofs and church spires, and a huge lake teems with pelicans and flamingos. Everywhere the high peaks and deep forests reflect in still waters, a mirror image of mountain and sky.

Montenegro has long been a luxury destination with 18th century Venetians building palaces upon its pretty coast, although it fell into relative obscurity during the Cold War. Only since independence in 2006 has there been a concerted effort to attract the luxury market with world-class marina facilities and glamorous hotel developments. And the superyachts and luxury brands have brought boutiques and spas and world-class restaurants in their wake. Today, staggering views of mountains and sea are the backdrop for the glamour of yachting in Montenegro.

There is a quiet sense of history here too, with the many waves of invaders that have crashed upon these spectacular shores. This remarkable land has been won by the Greeks, Illyrians, Romans, Turks, Saracens, Spanish, French, Austro-Hungarians and Venetians - and each conquering civilisation has left its mark.

Your yachting itinerary begins in Kotor, a medieval walled town which feels like a mini Dubrovnik. Explore the winding lanes and walk upon the walls of this UNESCO World Heritage City, which is beautifully preserved and full of architectural treasures.

Cruising Grounds
Cruise through magnificent Kotor Bay with its seven stunning islands: Sveti Marko, Mamula, Gospa od Škrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks), Sveti Djordje, Milosrdja, Ostrvo Cvijeća (Island of Flowers) and Mala Gospa.

The tiny peninsula of Sveti Stefan is an unmissable stop on your Montenegro yacht itinerary. This ancient citadel is now one of Europe’s most exclusive resorts, boasting a luxury spa and gorgeous red sand beaches that are definitely worth dropping anchor for.

Nearby Budva and its historic old town is another popular stop for superyachts, and things liven up here after the sun sets. Adjourn to the deck of sophisticated Dukley Beach Lounge for lunch, or have a private dinner on the tiny beach by candlelight.

Ada Bojana is a river island that could quite literally have been built on a seafaring past. A ship called Melita sunk here in the 19th century, and legend says the shipwreck caused sand to build up, creating the island, though it is more likely to be a delta in formation. On the Adriatic Sea side of the island there is a beautiful sandy beach for water activities and relaxing. The other side of the island has restaurants looking out on the river Bojana; this is a great spot to dine on the fresh seafood that Montenegro is famous for.

Other attractions of Montenegro include the marvellous Baroque palaces of Perast and the 17th century Monastery of Ostrog, carved into the rocks high above the valley of Bjelopavlici. Canyons, waterfalls and fjords abound in this wonderful country.

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