Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is situated in the Gulf of the Angels, and offers the best of everything as a charter destination. The modern city blends the old and new architecture together with creative style. It is spread out over several hills and has a history dating back to Roman era.


The amphitheatre, the Viper's cave and Tigellio's villa are important remains well worth visiting. Cagliari also has a number of historical events one of which is celebrated on May 1st and dates back 400 years. It celebrates the Martyr Saint Efisio who saved the city from the Romans and involves a wonderful street pageant. The huge city boundary walls date back to the 13th century and protect the cathedral old St Mary in the old part of the city.

The Port of Cagliari
The port of Cagliari was originally an old fishing port in the seventh century BC. The best way of seeing this magnificent city is when you approach it from the sea. The Medieval district known as the Castello looks down over the new city and harbour. Within these walls are small winding alleyways with small arts and craft shops, artisans, artists and galleries to browse around. You will find here the National museum and the Archaeological Museum with many of this city's valuable historical remains and artefacts. Explore the large variety of restaurants from small trattorias to gourmet restaurants which have a fantastic range of fresh fish dishes. Don't miss the vibrant and fascinating fish market at il Mercato di San Benedetto where you will see an amazing variety of fish, beautifully displayed.

The ancient Roman Street dating from the first centuries runs from the church of St. Eulalia down to the port. The other important archaeological sights is the Necropolis of Karales which is on the hill of Bonaria . A vast number of the tombs were excavated in 1888, which are well worth visiting as they show the circular chambers and the underground passages that linked them.

The Sanctuary of our Lady of Bonaria is a wonderful example of Gothic-Catalan architecture dating back to 1323-1326AD. Its original doorway is still preserved as is the image of Our Lady of Bonaria inside the Sanctuary. In the museum at the convent are many works of art and treasures from this time.

Shopping in Cagliari
When looking for the best shopping in Cagliari then head for the Via Manu. The oldest department store with all the top Italian designer names can be found at La Rinascente. Around the port the Via Roma has a number of small boutiques with a mixture of small cafes and restaurants. There is something for everyone here and prices to suite everyone's budget.

For those keen on yachting regattas then the place to go to is Poetto beach. It is about 5km outside the city and hosts the 60 foot Italian Open championships, the Vela Latina Mediterranea which is part of the international circuit and the Tiscali Cup. The marina is called Piccola and offers ideal mooring for all kinds of yachts and motorboats.

Windsurfing is a popular water sport to try out here with courses available for all levels. Around the harbour are a number of good restaurants, bars and yachting boutiques. These are open until late at night and there is a lively atmosphere here with many of the bars having live music. The harbour is also a popular place to have breakfast as well as lunch as people and boat watching is a great way to pass a few relaxing hours before heading back to the beach.

There is so much to see and do in Cagliari, making it an ideal port of call or journey destination whilst yachting in Sardinia.

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