Central & South America

Adventure, Glamour & Utter Relaxation

The countries of South and Central America are rising as hot new yacht charter destinations, be sure you get there first. Unspoilt, wild and free, this region offers the most spectacular range of yachting experiences on earth. This is the perfect place for those who have begun to feel that they’ve seen it all, for Central and South America promise you that you haven’t. Get ready for the adventure.

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Sea of Cortez Itinerary
DAY 1 La Paz
Begin your journey in La Paz, which directly translates to “The Peace.”
Its recent growth in population can be attributed to its high standard
of living and security. Notable beaches abound in La Paz such as
El Tesoro (treasure) and Balandra (slope). Sit back, pleasantly soak up
the sun while enjoying the cool breeze, and sip on Margaritas
onboard your private charter yacht during your 2-hour cruise to
a beautiful calm anchorage in Isla Partida for a sumptuous dinner.
DAY 2 Isla Partida
The origins of Isla Partida (broken island) can be traced back to
a series of cataclysmic earthquakes shaking its minerals to the surface.
The rhythm of the Sea of Cortez beckons as you cruise north and
weave your way along the sunset-painted desert coastline. Stop in
remote coves for swimming, hiking, and soothing exploration via
kayak. Come back to your charter yacht and soothe into a refreshing
shower before settling into a luscious dinner accompanied by fine
wine and good company.
DAY 3 Los Islotes/ Isla Lobos
An endless kaleidoscope of multi-colored fish, sea lions, and the
refreshing winds of the uninhabited Los Islotes welcome you to snorkel
and discover an underwater realm of beauty and excitement. The
sea lions are a sight to behold as they merrily bark and play amongst
their lounging peers in the gap between the rocky islets they dwell in.
Diving and swimming with the sea lions is akin to jumping into a big
bucket of Labrador puppies as they have become accustomed to
visitors over the years.
DAY 4 Isla San Francisco
Warm winds sweeping across the dry desert island of Isla San
Francisco add an edge of intrigue as this morning cruise promises
hiking, beach yoga, kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling in the
extraordinarily clear, blue-colored water. Ample opportunities await
past the sandy beach and into the cactus-filled desert. Meet
endemic reptile species, discuss succulent plants, and taste the
fascinating nipple cactus berry straight from nature’s plantation.
An aerobic hike finds you topping the scenic ridge which divides the
island, mystifyingly backlit by a cozy and warm sun.
DAY 5 Isla Espirito Santo
Floating towards what is considered to be the most beautiful island in
the Sea of Cortez, you arrive to personally verify that assessment with
your own eyes. A promising impression comes to life as you observe
the contrast between the desert, the sea, and its rock formations of
volcanic origin adorned by a concert of flora and fauna. Dinner is
served to a melodic tune of birds chirping and conversations about
the day’s wonders.
DAY 6 & 7 Cabo San Lucas
Glistening beaches, spectacular fertile waters, and majestic arching
stone cliffs at Land’s End have enamored tourists from all corners of
the world. Wake up to a delectable breakfast, go horseback riding
down the beach, and prance in the water all day long. Beating
conga lines forming to the rhythm of cheerful music and bartenders’
cocktail mixing raise the vibration of Cabo San Lucas, keeping
everyone moving until the late hours of the night.
On your second day in Cabo, become romanticized by Lover’s
Beach, a private escapade only accessible by tender. Scenic views
and an exotic desert landscape further your affection for nature’s
grand design. Quench your thirst for adventure and seek out
migrating gray whales on a fluorescent dive. You awaken the next
morning with a feeling of satisfaction knowing you squeezed every
drop of fun out of your yacht charter vacation, with aspirations of
coming back for more.


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