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Rodney Bay

St Lucia is a beautiful island situated between Martinique and St Vincent in the Windward Islands. It experiences the tropical climate of its neighbours with temperatures ranging from 25 - 30 C most of the year but up to 32 degrees during June and August.
The island is one of the most volcanic of the islands of the Windward Group and it twin peaks called the "Pitons" distinguish it from its neighbours. The harbour in the northern tip of the island is called Rodney Bay, whilst the capital city of the island, Castries, is further south and closer to the international George Charles airport.

For the yachting enthusiast what makes Rodney Bay the harbour of choice for exploring, is that annually this marina is the finish line for the largest trans-ocean sailing event of the year. This, of course, is the Atlantic yachting race from Las Palmas in the Grand Canaries to Rodney Bay in St Lucia. It takes place in November. In January Rodney Bay also hosts the local regatta. Chartered moorings, available after custom clearance, are also available at Castries (the capital city ), and also at Soufrire in the southwest part of the island. Going ashore at Rodney Bay the visitor is immediately struck by the mile-long beach curving round to Mount Pimard and the distinctive causeway to Pigeon Island. This is the place to start exploring and to wander through a beautiful Nature Park. It has well- marked trails to a variety of historic sites particularly Fort Rodney where the admiral Rodney himself camouflaged his ships whilst spying on the French fleet.

The Pigeon island museum is a �must-see� interpretive centre with interesting audio-visual aids to update the visitor on the history of the early inhabitants and the various British/French battles fought for colonisation of St Lucia. Although English is the major language it will be noticed that Creole, a form of French- patois, is also widely spoken. This is not surprising since the first European to set up a base here was the French pirate Francois le Clerc otherwise known as �Peg-leg le Clerc. Also it must be remembered that the French in 1746 � 1780 set up a number of sugar plantations many of which can be visited today if sailing around the island is planned. Pigeon Island has two secluded beaches and it is noted as the venue for the annual Jazz Festival. The Jazz festival was started in the early 90's and takes place every May in the Nature Park as an open-air picnic-style affair lasting two days. The extinct volcanoes called the "Pitons" can be clearly seen whilst exploring the scenic beauty of Rodney Bay and Pigeon Island, now considered to be one of the leading centres for fishing and yachting.

Just south of Pigeon Island is Gros Islet, the location of the local "Beauejour" cricket ground where, in 2007 the World cup was played. The St Lucians are fanatical about the sport and are expecting tourism to jump up from 10th May 2010 when Pakistan and South Africa followed by England and New Zealand play against one another.

The other festivities on the island of St Lucia are in July when Carnival week is held and, to the music of steel bands and reggae, the various competitions for Beauty Queen and top band for the year are chosen. In August and October the festivals of two rival Floral Societies take place The parades are linked to religious saints days and give rise to further street parades in which people dress up as Kings and Queens, princes and princesses doctors and nurses. Finally after the heat of summer the island celebrates in October the Creole Heritage month when activities have a more cultural flavour. For staying overnight to watch some of these events the "Rodney Bay Gardens Hotel" should be considered.

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