Miami Natural Beauty & City Sophistication

High rises tower over the Atlantic Coast, and superyachts dock in their shadows. Rollerbladers sweep along boulevards and the beautiful people lounge in beach clubs and restaurants along the sandy shore. Grand mansions look out across the water, and the restaurants and clubs spill out onto the street under neon city lights. To arrive in Miami feels like stepping onto a film set - a heady mix of tropical heat, glamour and hedonism under the Florida palms.


With its unique mix of natural beauty, excitement and city sophistication, Miami is an exceptional spot for a luxury yacht charter. While Miami is most often included on a wider yacht charter to the Florida Keys, there is plenty to keep yacht guests busy in and around this vibrant Atlantic Coast City.

On the water
Cruise along the Miami coastline with its crystal clear waters and tropical islands. Stop at a perfect sandbar to snorkel and swim, or sit down for a luxury beach picnic on a deserted island, palms waving overhead. Stay overnight or head back to the city at sunset, as the lights flicker on along the famous Miami skyline.

If it’s water activities that you are after, then you have certainly come to the right place. You can dive old wrecks or drift dive along the current of the Gulf Stream. There is also pirate lore aplenty in this part of the world, with sites of old pirate lairs and ships sunk off the coast. Kiteboard along the beach beneath the high rises, or kayak through waters of a perfect blue. Offshore, you will find absolutely brilliant deep-sea fishing; anglers from around the world flock to Miami to fight marlin, sailfish, sharks, tuna - and many more.

Back at the beach, relax in a deckchair with a cocktail at one of the flash clubs along famous South Beach. Spend the afternoon playing in the surf, or play volleyball until the sun finally falls into the Atlantic Ocean.

Off the water
There is something in Miami for everyone. This is shopping Nirvana - stroll between designer boutiques, antique stores and giant malls. Shopping along the South Beach strip is a must-do for luxury stores, or hit the Design District for art galleries and antique dealers.

The dining scene in Miami is exploding with innovation. With a strong farm-to-table revolution and strong Latin American influences, dining in Miami can never get dull. From deeply elegant waterfront restaurants to pop-up street stalls, this is a true foodie’s destination.

The nightlife in Miami is legendary. From small jazz bars and speakeasy clubs to superclubs with global DJ’s, Miami’s nightlife pulses in the city lights. When you have had enough partying, spend a tranquil day in one of the luxurious spas, or take in a game of ice hockey or American football at one of Miami’s great sporting venues.

Miami is a stunning coastal city that offers everything you could want on a luxury yacht charter. City lights and deserted tropical islands, brilliant water sports and shopping to die for: it is all here waiting for you.

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Selection of yachts

Charter in Miami onboard a luxury yacht
Christina O Superyacht Charter

Christina O

  • 99.13m
  • Year1943
  • €620,000 / week

Canadian Vickers

Endeavour Superyacht Charter


  • 70.71m
  • Year1983
  • $512,495 / week

Jeff Boat

Sherakhan Superyacht Charter


  • 69.7m
  • Year2005
  • €485,000 / week

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