Galapagos Islands Off the Beaten Track

Want to know where you can see Blue-footed boobies, sea-cucumbers, humpback whales and penguins whilst enjoying white sandy beaches and turquoise waters? Visit the beautiful Galapagos Islands, located 560 miles west of Ecuador.


This remote archipelago was born from volcanoes erupting violently out of the sea millions of years ago; the group is made up of 13 main islands of which only 4 are occupied, the oldest island dates back around 4 million years which is slowly disappearing back below sea level.

The best way to visit these spectacular volcanic islands is by boat, exploring as much as you can both on the Island and in the waters. The best time to visit when the seas are calmer and clearer for cruising round the Islands is between December and May, which is also the hot, humid and slightly rainy season but you can enjoy warmer sea temperatures.

These volcanic Islands and their surrounding waters form a biological marine reserve and were studied by Charles Darwin in 1835 for their uniqueness and diversity; make sure you visit the Charles Darwin Research Station just a short walk from Puerto Ayora.

If relaxing on a white sandy beach is more your thing head for the famous Tortuga Bay Beach, an isolated location on the south coast of Santa Cruz Island, this is also a great location for both surfing and snorkelling.

Santa Cruz is also the best place to enjoy the nightlife, but don’t expect to find any sleek champagne bars! It’s more likely to be a beach bar, but it doesn’t matter where you enjoy the spectacular sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. For more details on booking your luxury yacht charter in the Galapagos Islands or elsewhere in the Pacific, please get in touch with Rebecca Cutter on +33 620 20 06 11 or

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