Wild & Wonderful

From exploring Alaska to discovering the Galapagos the Americas offer an extensive array of scenery and possibilities in abundance.

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With wilderness seldom visited you could imagine yourself as a modern pioneer exploring the tranquil coasts of Canada. Or head to Brazil for cosmopolitan hustle and bustle and lively fiesta evenings - there is so much to choose from!

Top tips
Head down the coast to Florianoplis, Brazil, the hot spot for superb beaches, beautiful scenery and fantastic night life including the Praia Café de la Musique.

In search of leafy grounds, peaceful waterside respite and classic colonial style then sail into Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, for manicured gardens and wide waterways ideal for whiling away time.

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Americas onboard a luxury yacht
Christina O Superyacht Charter
Christina O
  • from €620,000 / week
  • 99.13m
  • 34 Guests
Canadian Vickers
Endeavour Superyacht Charter
  • from $512,495 / week
  • 70.71m
  • 84 Guests
Jeff Boat
Sherakhan Superyacht Charter
  • from €485,000 / week
  • 69.7m
  • 26 Guests
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