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New Zealand Yachts claims to have the largest yacht construction facility in New Zealand with a site covering 11 acres and with a deep water frontage of to match. It has over 3.5 acres of this is undercover . It is capable of constructing large yachts of up to 65 metres in length. These can be for advanced composite and traditional steel construction methods, so flexibility is their watch word. They also have dedicated built on site electrical and mechanical engineering shops, and also marine cabinet making expertise and marine painting experts available at the yard.

There has been boat building on the site for over 100 years so the expertise is in the blood with many generations working on the construction process. New Zealand Yachts only came into existence ten years ago in the year 2000 and with a thrust towards ecologically sound, green techniques which has to be the way forward for the yachting world As suppliers of a luxury product, which is often profligate in it use of power, almost all of which is sourced from fossil fuels, they must be aware of the potential to reduce costs for owners more concerned as they will be in green issues in the future.

Part of this green movement is the company’s commitment to low overheads which has led to their successful rebuilds of the 48 metre Asteri and the even bigger Flinders which is a 50 metre beauty.

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  • 35.05m
  • Year 2005
  • 5 Cabins
  • 10 Guests
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