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12 days

The Instructor Development Course (IDC) is a twelve day course that prepares you to become a competent entry level PADI OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor).  You participate in a number of interactive workshops with your fellow candidates and Course Director on a wide range of subjects.  These include how to teach in the classroom, confined and open water, dive theory, risk management, sales, the PADI system and training organisation/logistics.  There is an ongoing emphasis on developing sound reasoning and judgement: “Thinking Like An Instructor”.

The prerequisite qualification is Dive-Master or the equivalent from another training organisation and you must have a minimum of 100 logged dives prior to attending an Instructor Examination (IE).

Candidates are assessed on their ability to teach in confined water, open water and the classroom domains and given positive coaching on an ongoing basis to develop and improve. Other areas of assessment included demonstration level ability of skills taught in the Open Water and Rescue divers courses, and written exams on dive theory (Decompression Theory and dive tables, Equipment, Physics, Physiology and Skills and Environment) and PADI Training Standards (n.  You will participate in a number of in-water workshops to hone your diving and teaching skills.  You will also be assessed on During the two days of IDC preparation your prior knowledge of dive theory and quality of skill demonstrations will be checked and brought up to speed if necessary.

Sometimes all of the terminology can become confusing when researching your options, so here is a quick guide:

AI = Assistant Instructor. First part of a full IDC, an Assistant Instructor qualification can also be done separately.  Assistant Instructors can do significantly more than a DiveMaster.

OWSI = Open Water Scuba Instructor. Second part of a full IDC where your knowledge of the PADI system and teaching skills get honed and refined.

IE = Instructor Examination. Two day exam assessing your competences gained during the IDC (AI + OWSI).

EFRi = Emergency First Response Instructor. This is a prerequisite for certification as a PADI OWSI, and is done during the middle weekend of the IDC.

Solid preparation is necessary for the course to get the best out of it.  This is predominantly done via the online crew-pack.  You will also need up to date student level training materials (manuals or eLearning for Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and DiveMaster) plus a copy of the standard and electronic dive tables.  All of this is available as a crossover kit.

We can supply these kits to directly address for €660 and €275 respectively.


Please contact us for more information on the upcoming course dates.

  • 100 logged dives
  • PADI DiveMaster or equivalent certification
  • Current first aid training within 24 months
  • I have a sufficient level of spoken and written English to understand the course content and to pass any verbal or written assessments.
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