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We often hear people saying that they expect to get trained on the job. If you work on a yacht, in a chalet or as a housekeeper in a luxury hotel, the chances are you’re going to be working so hard unfortunately there won’t be any time for training and you’ll have to learn the hard way… as you go, hoping not to make any mistakes along the way. Learning the foundation knowledge before your start will not only make you more employable to actually land the job in the first place, but also give you the skills you’ll need so you’ll make less mistakes, do the job quicker and have more time to enjoy your new career. 

Our complete package includes both our laundry and our cleaning course, and 2 motivating bonuses. By the end of the laundry course, you will be able to: 
- Identify what garments and items are made of 

- Decipher care labels - Identify and treat stains 

- Choose the correct detergent and laundry aids 

- Distinguish between the washing and drying machine programmes 


By the end of the cleaning course, you will be able to: 

- Apply the Sinner’s Cycle theory 

- Identify surfaces 

- Minimise costly errors 

- Clean with confidence 

- Identify dirt and soiling 

- Choose the right cleaning method 

- Choose suitable tools and equipment 

- Select the correct cleaning chemicals 

- Follow safety and usage instructions 


Certificates awarded on successful completion of assessments.


Study both courses at your own pace. 


Approximate duration: 

Laundry - 2 hours / Cleaning - 4 hours

  • A sufficient level of spoken and written English to understand the course content and to pass any assessment.
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