SV Auxiliary Equipment - Part 1

30 October 2022
  • Fort Lauderdale
6 days
$1699 + $400 Exam Fee

This course forms one of the 3 modules required to obtain the MCA Small Vessel Second Engineer qualification. It is 5 days with a written exam at the end. It has a reduced volume of content compared to the Y4 Auxiliary Equipment module and covers the following topics: valves, pumps, compressed air systems, hydraulic and pneumatic control principles, refrigeration and air conditioning, steering gears, propulsion, transmission and shafting and electrical plant.

***FORT LAUDERDALE STUDENTS - Due to examination on Friday mornings, Please be advised that the Fort Lauderdale course begins on SUNDAY in order to meet the requisite classroom hours!!***

This course is free with your ONE Account.

Duration details:

5 days


Written assessment at the end of the course

  • I have a sufficient level of spoken and written English to understand the course content and to pass any verbal or written assessments.
  • Upcoming Classes
    Date Location Price Places
    30 October 2022
    Fort Lauderdale $1699 + Exam Fee Limited places
    28 November 2022
    Palma €1250 + Exam Fee No place left
    12 December 2022
    Antibes €1250 + Exam Fee Limited places
    29 January 2023
    Fort Lauderdale $1699 + Exam Fee Places available
    13 March 2023
    Antibes €1250 + Exam Fee Places available
    30 April 2023
    Fort Lauderdale $1699 + Exam Fee Places available
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