Stability (Master Yachts)

11 February 2019
  • Fort Lauderdale
5 days

This is a management level course that explores the principles of ship stability at a practical level. The course aims to ensure an understanding of stability principles rather than testing mathematical ability in their application. Emphasis is placed upon those aspects of the subject which can affect the work of a large yacht master.

Nevertheless many of the principles will be illustrated by practical examples in the classroom and therefore a revision of basic algebra and trigonometry will benefit the student. A good basic introduction to the subject is ’Simple Ship Stability’ by Alfred Carver, published by Fairplay Publications. We also recommend you read the course notes in advance.

Duration details:

5 days


Assessment will be by a 2.5 hour written examination. Candidates must achieve an overall pass mark of 60%. The exam will consist of 2 parts, a minimum of 40% much be achieved in each part.

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