HELM Management

21 January 2019
  • Fort Lauderdale
5 days

The 2010 ’Manilla’ amendments to the STCW convention introduced, for the first time, a requirement (mandatory from the 1st September 2013) for management and leadership training for all ships officers. This course is designed to promote the skills needed to lead an organisation.

This course addresses the following questions.
How do successful managers weld the teams in their charge together into an effective whole?
How best to communicate your goals to others?
How to get the best out of each individual taking into account their capabilities and their training needs?

Using lectures and case studies and also team exercises, which form part of the assessment, the week is designed to encourage future masters and chief engineers to think about how to build a safe and effective team.

Duration details:

5 days


Lectures, case studies, and team exercises


Lectures, case studies, and team exercises

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28 October 2019
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09 December 2019
Fort Lauderdale $1220 Places available
16 December 2019
Palma €1099 No place left
13 January 2020
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20 January 2020
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