GMDSS General Operator Certificate

04 February 2019
  • Antibes
9 days
No place left

The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System General Operator’s certificate is a Certificate of Competence (CoC) in its own right as a ship-board radio operator’s licence. It also forms an important part of the training required to obtain MCA CoCs. You will learn general communications procedures, in particular distress, urgency, safety and routine communication, using VHF/MF/HF radio, telex and satellite systems.

Students unfamiliar with computer keyboards may be well advised to practice using them before attending the course. This is an intensive course, which requires considerable work outside the classroom.

Duration details:

8 days plus 2 days of exams


1 written and 2 practical examinations before an AMERC examiner

Upcoming Classes
Date Location Price Places
30 September 2019
Palma €1924 No place left
07 October 2019
Antibes €1924 1 place left
21 October 2019
Fort Lauderdale $1650 No place left
04 November 2019
Antibes €1924 Places available
11 November 2019
Fort Lauderdale $1650 Places available
25 November 2019
Palma €1924 No place left
02 December 2019
Antibes €1924 Places available
06 January 2020
Fort Lauderdale $1650 Places available
06 January 2020
Antibes €1924 Places available
27 January 2020
Fort Lauderdale $1650 Places available
03 February 2020
Antibes €1924 Places available
10 February 2020
Palma €1924 Limited places
02 March 2020
Antibes €1924 Places available
23 March 2020
Palma €1924 Places available
06 April 2020
Antibes €1924 Places available
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