General Engineering Science 2

19 June 2022
  • Fort Lauderdale
6 days

General Science 2 deals with thermodynamics, gas laws, heat, power, machines, stress, electro technology, ohms and kirschoffs laws, Faraday and Lenz’s laws and electrical measurement. An understanding of the function of your non-programmable scientific calculator is essential. Students who do not have excellent numerical skills and a good understanding of the fundamental principles of maths and physics should be aware that these are rapid revision courses for exam preparation and it would be hard to achieve the required level without any self study well in advance. If you are concerned our training advisors can give you a self assessment exam in order to help you judge your readiness. We can also arrange private tuition. This course is free with your ONE Account.


2 hour written exam on the final day

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02 October 2022
Fort Lauderdale $1699 Places available
04 December 2022
Fort Lauderdale $1699 Places available
05 December 2022
Palma €1460 Places available
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