Efficient Deckhand

29 April 2019
  • Palma
5 days
No place left

Everyone working on deck needs to gain the knowledge provided in this course, from all the knots and lashings that every seafarer should learn, to more advanced areas such as splicing, whipping, rigging stages and derricks.

Students learn how safely to turn up berthing lines on bits, capstans and windlasses and the correct type of stopper to use. The qualities and characteristics of different types of rope, the calculation of safe working loads, the importance and significance of test certificates and the application on deck of the Code of Safe Working Practice for Merchant Seaman.

This course is taught over 4 days with an oral and practical examination on the last day. Students would be well advised to arrive with the ability to tie most of the standard nautical knots in order to get through the syllabus in 4 days.

Note that from January 2017, an EDH certificate must be issued 18 months prior to the issue of your OOW Certificate of Competency.


Oral and practical on the final day


Oral and practical on the final day

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