Why Yachting Is The Ultimate Luxury Vacation For Wellbeing

Imagine a private island well-being retreat…and then make it better. A private yacht is the ultimate location for a wellness vacation. It lets you move through spectacular landscapes in privacy and luxury, enjoying rich wellness experiences at every turn.

By Lizzie Ross • 10 March 2023

What Is Luxury to You? If Luxury Is Wellbeing…

A superyacht has all the ingredients for a phenomenal health retreat— a private chef for delicious detox menus, a superb level of service, and all the luxuries imaginable for a wellness holiday: sumptuous accommodations, soft deckchairs, and steamy saunas.

Imagine doing yoga on the sundeck at sunrise before diving into calm, soft waters to snorkel around a tropical cove. Return to the yacht for a bountiful breakfast to power your body for the day: acai bowls, green smoothies, organic eggs, and tropical fruits. Fill your days on the yacht with wellness experiences and fabulous food while lazing about on idyllic beaches. Physical activity is built into a superyacht charter —whether wakeboarding, diving coral reefs, or ziplining through the trees in a tropical paradise.

Each passing day on charter sees you returning to the yacht, golden-skinned, salty, and glowing with good health. Tired muscles soak in the Jacuzzi under the stars, or the knots get eased out by the yacht’s masseuse in a treatment room overlooking the sea. And each day, a different view.

The sea is a healer of tired souls. Even being on the beach has been proven to significantly improve the mood —salty air and endless views of skies and sea are the ultimate boosts for the body and mind. But, of course, being on the sea on a superyacht is another level of bliss entirely. A yacht charter is a top way to hit the reset button and restore your physical and mental well-being.

Where To Charter a Yacht for a Wellness Vacation

The answer to this question, of course, is anywhere. The superyacht provides the retreat, the gourmet experience, and the pampering.

For well-being charters, we often suggest a charter location with some of the world’s finest spa hotels to visit during your charter, such as the French Riviera or Ibiza in the Mediterranean or St Lucia or St Barts in the Caribbean. For example, French Polynesia will enchant you with its lagoons and overwater spas in the South Pacific. In contrast, in the Middle East, spectacular spa temples will take your breath away as you gaze out on palm tree oases and the Gulf of Arabia. In the Indian Ocean, the Maldives provides the ultimate desert island retreat experience, floating between white sand atolls and overwater spa bungalows with glass-bottom floors.

A yacht’s true advantage over traditional health retreats is that you are not tied to one place, nor do you have to share your accommodation or facilities with strangers. Instead, you can sample the best spas and wellness experiences ashore before retreating to your yacht, your private temple to well-being.

What Are the Best Yachts for Wellness Charters?

While any charter yacht in the Bluewater fleet will deliver a superb wellness experience, the most sought-after yachts for well-being charters are the ones with spa and health amenities onboard, such as treatment rooms, saunas, gym equipment or beauty salon. A Jacuzzi is a welcome addition, or at the larger end of the yacht market, a swimming pool or beach club for the ultimate on-water indulgence.

Yachts with spa or fitness specialists in the crew are an excellent fit for well-being charters, such as yoga teachers, beauticians, and masseuses. Alternatively, the yacht captain will make VIP bookings for these experiences ashore. You can bring your favourite masseuse or yoga instructor, depending on the number of guests.

All private yacht chefs are familiar with detox menus and complex dietary requirements. However, if you are interested, please ask us for recommendations of yachts with chefs who have won awards for their organic, raw, and vegan offerings.

We often suggest chartering a yacht with multiple decks so your group can find their personal space — meditating on the foredeck, doing yoga on the sundeck, swimming off the aft deck and or just reading a book on a deckchair, feeling the breeze rise off the water and hearing the gentle lap of the sea.

The most incredible luxury is feeling well in body and mind. So, if you’re the type of person for whom luxury is well-being, a wellness yacht charter calls your name… and calls it loudly.