What To Expect From Summer Sailing Holidays In Greece 2023

The Greek Islands are a trendy yachting region in the Mediterranean that is just begging to be explored. If you are looking to visit Greece this summer, here are some locations to include in your yachting holiday.

By Alma Laganara • 22 May 2023

Yachting across Greece continues to grow year after year. Beautiful seas and brilliantly blue skies make it an exceptional travel destination, and the local coves and backwaters offer the setting for some of the most breathtaking anchorages. In addition, rich cultural traditions, distinct from those of Southern Europe, make for a unique holiday for guests accustomed to charters in Italy and France.

Yachting Holidays in Greece – General Recommendations

  • Not all Greek islands can be explored by boat in a week or two, so it is best to take your time and focus on one area, like the Aegean or the Ionian Sea. Sail to the most attractive islands, like the Northern Sporades, Cyclades, Saronic Islands or the Ionian Islands.
  • An itinerary in Greece usually starts in Athens, an exciting city to stay in for a day or two before or after a yacht charter yacht. A trip to Rhodes and neighbouring islands like Fethiye is a great addition.
  • Planning your itinerary in advance is essential, as the infamous Meltemi winds can be a nuisance, especially from mid-July to mid-August.
  • Greece is overflowing with a mixture of cultures wherever you go. Step ashore and play a game of cricket or have a coffee in an almost Parisian-like café. of course, there will always be an authentic Greek feel that follows you - kafeneio tavernas and coffee houses, windmills, fishing boats, moussaka, and octopus will enthral your senses throughout your holiday.


In Corfu, the Asian spa at Angsana Corfu Resort & Spa is well worth the visit. Enjoy the best Greek wine at the Salto Bistro in the old town. Are you looking for a quiet escape? Head to the northern part of the island called Agni.

In Zakynthos, the "Blue Caves" are truly enchanting. You can also visit Xigia, Keri, and Porto Limnionas for more spectacular cave excursions. After a day spent in nature, whether in a cave by kayak or in the centre of the island by bike (many excellent routes exist), a visit to the spa resort of Porto Zante, voted last year one of the best in Europe, and dinner at the trendy pizzeria Alesta are a wise move.

After disembarking in a tender to the picturesque Lourdas beach of Kefalonia Island, hike towards Mount Enos and Greece’s leading national park, where you can see deer frolicking amongst you. Afterwards, head to Tassia for lunch, where Armani and Galliano rave about the fish and seafood pasta.

The island of Rhodes and the groups of smaller islands, the Northern Sporades, the Southern Sporades and the Cyclades, deserve attention. Ronda Beach Bar in Rhodes is open and ready for summer with live concerts, vibrant views and a great menu. In addition, the old town’s garden restaurant at the Marco Polo Mansion will have fresh interpretations of fish, seafood and vegetable dishes.

In Santorini, local celebrity Ettore Botrini still rules the kitchen at Selene restaurant, while wine tastings with sommelier and connoisseur Yanis Karakasis are even more numerous than last year. Franco’s continues to offer the best sunset views and good cocktails. Nobu Santorini, which opened last year, is worth trying for the cuisine and the spa.

In Mykonos, go to Scorpios for music and sunsets this year. The liner-ups will be better than in Ibiza this summer. Cali, which opened last year, is still an attraction. The spa, hammam and salt room are excellent. The hotel also has its restaurant. Michelin chef Lefteris Lazarou is in charge of the kitchen. The classic Jackie O’ Mykonos still has terrific cocktails, lunches and parties, and the Jackie O’ Yacht Club is good.